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Version 0.18.2
Erstveröffentlichung February 17, 2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert September 24, 2021
Dateigröße 65.02 MB
Downloads 77,507
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Vorschläge, Bugs und Ideen für die Zukunft.

  • Version 0.18.2 September 24, 2021

    - Fix crash after replaying as AI with invalid livery name

  • Version 0.18.1 August 31, 2021

    - Add logging of currentFrame when starting replay

  • Version 0.18 August 30, 2021

    - Allow starting the replay from the middle for the recording
    - Allow clicking longitude/latitude/altitude to copy the value
    - Record more variable for ACS standard
    - Record & replay ACCELERATION BODY to further smooth out AI replay
    - Fix crashes when Flight Recorder is still in connected state after MSFS is closed

  • Version 0.17 July 06, 2021

    - Change saved flight file extension to .fltrec so it won't be trimmed off by Discord
    - Fix crashes

  • Version 0.16.1 May 20, 2021

  • Version 0.16 May 18, 2021

    - Replay as AI aircraft. However, there are some limitation with the initial release of this feature:
    - Aircraft jumps back and forth when moving faster than 200kt.
    - Lights are not replayed yet.
    - You have to provide the correct title of the livery to spawn the AI aircraft. If the replay stops immediately after started, you probably have set a wrong one.

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How to install/upgrade the tool?
You can just download the zip file of any version, unzip it and run FlightRecorder.Client.exe.
What are the differences between Save and Export?
Save produces a .flightrecorder file that can be loaded later by the tool (using Load button).
Export produces a .csv file that can be opened in Excel for analysis.
Why does reverser not work?

There seems to be a bug in the 32NX experimental version that does not react to thrust lever data from SimConnect, which means the tool has no way to activate reverser. I have filed an issue at https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/issues/3703 (from the look of it, doesn't seem like FlyByWire will fix the issue).

If you are not using that version, most likely you are using a physical thrust lever that conflicts with Flight Recorder by trying to take over control from the replay tool. The easiest way to test this (also a workaround) is to create a clone binding profile and remove the thrust binding.


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723 Kommentare

Great little addon, thank you very much for putting the time in to make it, I'm sure it will get a lot of use.

A feature that would be great is the ability to record other aircraft as well (Multiplayer and AI). Hopefully this is something you might be able to add in the future

Hi ! do you know why Spoilers are not active during landing replay ? Thank you and by the way congrats for this awesome and friendly use tool ! A must to have !



6 day(s) ago / Gedankt von nguyenquyhy

I really hope this great program will be supported and developed further. It's much better and easier to use than what Asobo is currently trying. Their approach looks more like an advanced screen recorder. So, sitting in your own plane as passenger or just simply replay and watch your landings from outside is not possible.

This Flight Recorder on the other hand, is doing exactly what most users will expect (and also content creators). The only things I am still missing are the engine startup and the support of prop lever / rpm.

Please continue your great work!



9 day(s) ago / Gedankt von nguyenquyhy

Really good free alternative to other replay software and in my opinion better than the one Microsoft implemented with SU7. Only thing holding it back is the engine autostart!



11 day(s) ago / Gedankt von nguyenquyhy

5 stars for this mod - it's simply phenomenal. Could you help me solve one problem though? The spoilers on the A320 keep extended during the replay for some reason...any solution?

Hello, Can this tool be used to practice approaches or pick up where a CTD occurred? I just had a bizarre experience where my plane would only veer left but not right. I wish I could pick up flight from there and try to see if it was just a bug.

Hello. Is there a way to update so that FS Recorder doesn't disengage the AP after replay is finished? My plane went all over the place soon as the replay was done and then it fixed itself once I hit AP. If there's a way to update that would be great.

Is there any way that car traffic can be slowed down along with a .75% or .50% recording speed of the flight? That way, a slower flight can be sped up in a video editor and the cars wouldn't be going way super fast. Also, with a .50% recording speed, one can load up the visual parameters to maximum including packed freeways at sunset. Thanks for this great program!

When I try to replay my game is crashes.. How to fix it ?

Excellent work, so far best tool for MSFS 2000, Well done for this tool where Asobo is struggling to bring this for months

it's precious mod, please make a REPEAT option ,

thanks a lot

Thank you very much!

Its amazing. You can record it when ever you want and see all your landings

I have I problem....Windows stop the file ...... .exe to install the program so I can not install the software. What can I do? Thank you.

This mod continues to represent one of my most beloved. Thanks again for all your efforts. One thing for me, I keep getting a complete sim freeze requiring me to 'end task' when attempting to play back a replay of landing at LFMN Nice. This is the only airport that does this and have repeated the problem several times. Could it be that flight recorder is simply overloaded by all the detail at this airport? I do have my graphics settings at ultra. This has never happened at any other airport no matter how complex. Something in Nice that the mod doesn't like.

Hi, do you know why when starting a replay from a gate, all other AI aircraft disappear ....



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von nguyenquyhy

Hi, thanks for this great little tool as well as for making it open source!

Since SU6 I experience that replay does not work anymore. When starting replay, the aircraft moves to the initial position of the recording, jumps forward and back for a moment and then stays glued to the initial position forever. Any idea for the reason for that? The same happens with the latest download 0.18.2, as well as the self compiled

Sorry, all my fault, should wind forward the replay, the flight was paused the first few seconds of the recording!

I'm using Windows and your app is running Ok but there is something strange with the interface ( display bugs, strange behavior I never got before SU6) since Sim Update 6. I just got a CTD reaching the 3/4 of the flight replay . Perhaps you need to provide an update of your nice app ? , I will retry and check again from my side. Thank you

I really like this mod, thank you so much. Tell me, if I record a whole 6 hours flight but don't save it, where the datas are stocked ? In the memory ?




1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von nguyenquyhy

Works great with SU6.

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