Eindhoven Airport / EHEH - incl Custom Buildings

#Real-Life #Handcrafted #Buildings Netherlands Exclusive Drag and Drop

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Version 0.6.2 (fixed)
Erstveröffentlichung September 24, 2020
Zuletzt aktualisiert January 28, 2021
Dateigröße 22.68 MB
Downloads 20,172
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  • Version 0.6.2 (fixed) January 28, 2021

    Hi everyone,

    In the past few weeks I've received numerous complaints about crashes.
    Crashes I thought I had fixed by removing the STAR arrival in 0.6.2
    These fixes actually do work!

    The main download for this Airport, while it stated it was 0.6.2, it was actually downloading 0.6, the version with the issues.

    So while you thought you had downloaded the fixed version, you probably originally downloaded the broken one again :(

    This said, please don't expect any update on this Airport anytime soon.
    My personal life has changed and I have made the decision to allocate my time to some other things rather than flying in FS2020.

    Please make sure your download file shows:

    SpoorObjecten - Eindhoven Airport v06 2_2GCoR

    and not:

    SpoorObjecten - Eindhoven Airport v06_ReKgh


    I just tried this myself and I was able to load the airport without any problems and I really hope you guys are able to load it fine again.

    One last reminder is that I have heard of people who need to clear their cache before it started working in FS2020 as at first it still crashed their game and then suddenly it didn't anymore.

  • Version 0.6.2 December 21, 2020

  • Version 0.6.1 December 19, 2020


    Due to reports about CTD after the latest Flight Simulator patch, I have removed the STAR arrival for the time being.
    This makes sure your game doesn't crash anymore when trying to select ILS in the worldmap.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    When I have time I'll try to figure out why the STAR Arrival causes CTD

  • Version 0.6 November 14, 2020

    New version includes heavily optimized Eindhoven Airport, hopefully improving a lot of FPS issues!

    In addition this includes the first part of the military zone.
    This is still a work in progress area and will be improved upon when I have time :)

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221 Kommentare

vous avais fait un grands effort il est vraiment très beau merci

werkelijk schiterend de luchthaven net als in het echt alleen de verkeerstoren mis ik toppy .
Great - Thanks!

This looks great! But when I download and install it. It doesn't appear in my World Map. Am I overlooking something?

Hope to fly from your EHEH soon 😉

Kind regards,
Ralph Schoonhein
Curious; I came in for a landing on this airport yesterday, and there were 2 overlapping runways and runway lights, offset a couple of meters. As far as I know EHEH was completely missing from MSFS, so I'm not sure where the second runway came from. Could that have been injected from my Navigraph FMS data set? and if so, is there any way that can be overridden?
Hi, whats the status on sids?
I hope that you found time to extend Eindhoven Aerport.
I love iT!😌
-Hé, ik heb een vraagje;
sedert de nieuwe update van gisteren (09-03-2021) van flight simulator, vind hij de luchthaven EHEH niet meer.
Al terug gedownload en in community gezet, maar deze blijft zoek..
Zijn er nog die dat probleem hebben ???
Hi Marcel,

Is het mogelijk om jou source bestanden te krijgen? Het lijkt mij leuk om zelf wat dingen aan te passen aan jouw Eindhoven airport als dat oke is? Voor eigen gebruik natuurlijk, ik ga niks her-uploaden 😊

Ik wil graag proberen om de noordelijke hangars toe te voegen, de verkeerstoren en ik heb wat vliegtuigen zoals een C130H die ik graag neer zou willen zetten.


Could you please add some taxisigns and green centerline? Other than that its a great mod!
When is it going to have all the air data? Sid, ils....
Hi sir,

First of all, great job on EHEH. As a simmer living near EHEH i’m very happy with your great work.
I fly a lot from Eindhoven airport so this airport is fantastic. I do have some items with it after the UK update. After the UK update i see a lot of misplaced taxi lights at EHEH:
I see taxi lights in the grass between r5 and r6 taxiway (positioned in a angle)
One in the middle of the R4 exit and also a couple in the grass near R4.
Also a couple in the middle of the taxiway between u-r8-r4
I see several taxi lights in the grass between r2 and r3 taxiway (positioned in a angle)
one on the right side of the 21 runway near R1
one in the middle of the runway at l2 and r2 taxiway
The taxi lights at L3 and L4 are gone.

I have the latest version of your software (replacing it with an earlier version does not help).
Tried to delete the cache ( i haven’t got rolling cache enabled) but did not solve this problem.
Deinstalled and installed the eheh software but that does not help also.

Can you please check this sir?
Thanks a lot.
great mod for the airport, adds an aspect of immersion not only from the cockpit but from the ground as well
please make the SIDS and STARS work that would be awesome!
Weird ... but after UK update ... EHEH is not loading anymore for me
Did re-download .... but did not work.

before that no problem
How can we put this on MSFS2020?
Thanks for your great work, it looks great! Question; i cant start on a ramp or parkingplace. It seems i can only start on the runway (0.6.2 installed). Am i doing something wrong?
I have downloaded the latest version 0.6.2. But now I have a double runway; the original of MSFS2020 and after placing the 0.6.2 in the community folder I then get your runway over the original one. How can this be solved ?
Also note I see 2 sets of ILS lights upon landing runway 03 !
Thanks for the great job done.
The remainder looks very good and it is a joy to take off or land at this airport, except for the runways.
Excellent job and support !!!!
wow thank you for updating this, awesome!!


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