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Powerlines and Solar Farms

If you like my work, or consider this payware quality, please consider a donation Powerlines and Solar Farm By Mamudesign   OVERVIEW When you fly VFR, in real life, being near the ground leads to lot of dangers. One of the most common one is the possibility you get...

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If you like my work, or consider this payware quality, please consider a donation

Powerlines and Solar Farm

By Mamudesign



When you fly VFR, in real life, being near the ground leads to lot of dangers.

One of the most common one is the possibility you get caught in a power line (electricity transmission line)

MSFS has powerlines pylons, but no wire between them


With my addon I added the wires between each pylon for high voltage power lines (more than 60k volts).

Actual POWERLINES coverage includes: 

Germany,  United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic (Czechia), Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Belarus, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Montenegro



versione 0.9.5 contains also 

USA, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Japan



Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Benelux, Danmark and Canada


The project coverage is gonna increse overtime

With this addon, along with my other add-on Project Lifts and the spectacular We love VFR by Puffinflight, the long time ago request:“Please add powerlines, gondalas, mast” from the MSFS Wishlist has been fulfilled, for free, by independent developers. Hey Asobo, that is 2 person work :D



The project use Open Street Map data (the same source of Microsoft) for pylon placing

Each “line” (way) of the trasmission grid has a specific “voltage” and "number on cables" in the OSM data, i have assigned specific pylon and number of cables by using those value

if nr. of cables is not indicated,  lines up to 140k volts get 3-wire, line between 140k and 280k get 4-wires and lines above 280k volts will get a 6-wire setup (OSM data also has nr. of wires data, but is quiete unconsistent, so this is the deal)


To spice things up, and provide additional realism, I have crossed Powerlines data with Airports, major roads, rivers, and digital elevation model (SRTM1).

In this way i can detect where to place white and red marker balls for the cables and red/white painted pylons

Rules as folow:

  • Within Airport boundaries no pylons or wires are allowed
  • From each runways threshold, in an area 1500 meters long and 300 meters wide, powerline will have marker balls and red white pylons
  • When a wire cross a major river or major road marker balls are placed
  • Also, when a wire crosses a a major valley marker balls are placed  (more that 50 meters from the bottom of the valley to the base of the pylon, this make the ground-wire clearence to about 70/90 meters)

All the above rules may not follow individual countries regulations, but you know, is not a “Cable simulator”!

I did not notice any major FPS impact


Another thing that the sim was missing was Solar Panels / Solar Farms

So i did them! Basic implementation, but no more empy black-bluish fields

The data source is of course the Open Street Map database. When a single panel is mapped i’m placing it accordingly, while if an entire solar farm is mapped as an entire “area”, i’m filling it with regular patterns

I’m still working on the placing routines / solar panels aspect, so a limited number of countries is provided

Over extremely large solar farms, if too close, fps is gonna lower a bit


NEW: most of you wanted collision handling, so I have added it! It won't affect FPS, but there is a big known issue:

when a cable cross a road, there is some possibility that autogenerated road traffic cars will drive over the cables, the issue has been aknowledge by Asobo's Devs and hopefully will get fixed , more info on this 3d


If you already know my Project Lifts scenery, the issues are the same:

To be able to place wires between pylons I NEED to know the exact altitude above sea level of each pylon at design time. Since there is no way to obtain the data from the sim itself i’m gathering them from free sources like SRTM1 (30 meters Digital Elevation Model). Those not alway match internal MSFS DEM

Therefore, sunken or overflying pylons are fairly common



The downloaded zip contain to main folders:

  • a-mamudesign-powerlines
  • a-mamudesign-solarFarms

In Each main folder there is folder called scenery/a-mamudesign-powerlines/scenery

Or scenery/a-mamudesign-solarFarms/scenery/

Those last foldes contain the actual compiled sceneries, in format contryName-placement.bgl and contryName-exclude.bgl

Since the sceneries contains MILIONS of objects placed, if you suffer for slow loading times you can simply delete or rename unwanted countries



If you want to disable collision handling, because you just wanna have fun or don't like cars riding the cables (see known issues)

inside the a-mamudesign-powerline folder you will find two layout files

simply rename the layout.json as layout.collision

and layout.noCollion as layout.json





Check PIES IN THE SKY TOUR for some wonderful review of this add-on and other great simulation videos

another great review from flightnews24, always up to date info for the flightsim community!

Another sweet channel, SimFlighPro, thanks for the review!

And thanks Vasco from MSFS Addons, great words about the Powerlines

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January 12, 2022
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6 month(s) ago — 0.9.5




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462 Kommentare


2 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

hi. its red flagged as "sim compatibility not yet confirmed". is it SU10 compatible?



3 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82
excellent work brother. hopefully one day you can cover the whole world, every continent, every country and all its territories please do it



5 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Hi, I'm having an issue with crashing in the powerlines when I'm on the ILS for KMCO at runway 17L. I remember it being around short final for the ILS approach. I had to go around and when I tried again, I still crashed into the powerline. Maybe you have to make it smaller or just remove it completely. Thanks for reading my message!



10 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

this mod plus we love vfr plus the marinas mod makes vfr flying in MSFS unmatched by any sim.

Also need to know...I use the "We love VFR" addon. It also puts up power pylons. Any way I can disable them or does your scenery already do this? And how would it be prioritized?

I dunno but those power thingyies look awfully high to me. Are you sure you measured them? Flying into KSAN cannot easily clear them. They look 2 times too high.



23 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

this is without a doubt one of the best mods one can get for this game. It adds SO much. Really changes how you approach some runways. This mod is special in that it offers great visuals AND gameplay. Get it.

also I'm curious; how was this mod made? Surely you didn't manually place all of these lines!



25 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Love this mod and your others Mamu. I did smash into a power line on the RNAV(GNSS) RWY 24 at CCN2 Grand Manan which was a big surprise! I see you'll be addressing the tower heights soon so that's ok!



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Is there an update on when the USA powerlines will be fixed(making them smaller for the proper electric pole etc.)?



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Great work!

Thanks a lot!



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

So do some wires running around make a difference? YES they really do! I pretty much just fly VFR in the sim. Tried it in some Australia scenery in a place I am familiar with in real world (with a nice Tallawarra Power Station add-on by PAW_BROON nearby) figuring that would have some power transmission lines nearby. Sure enough, I only missed crashing into these wires by mere meters! Can't wait to try a helo and do a line inspection flight! This is a fab addition that just further adds to the immersion.

How do I install this? Where do I install this? Do I need to copy the folders somewhere? Is there an installation file? I cannot review this if I cannot install this and experience it for myself. If my rating was dependent on the installation instructions I would have given it two stars.

Thank you for the outstanding work! I just have a little request. With the mod on there still is the issue of the pylons at LSGG (runway 22), is it possible to fix it? By removing the pylons (or whatever doesn't cause the aircraft to crash on the landing path). Thank you!

This must have taken months and months of hard work. I am in constant amazement at the skills of people like you. Thanks for sharing your work with us.



2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82


2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Trouble to land at RWY 1 in KFRG: the power line is very hight!!!

Great addon



3 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

great Addon 😊

but there are much too tall powerlines in front of KSAN (I thik there are no Powerlines at all in reality), the same in KLAX, parallel to the Rwy (sounth side) there are no (tall) visible powerlines, could you correct it please? 😊



3 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Fantastic Mod. Thank you sir.



3 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mamu82

Great mod! Seems to be powerlines a little too tall and close to the approach path at KSAN.

Excellent! Thanks for covering canada as well!

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  • Version 0.9.5 April 16, 2022

    New countries added:
    - USA
    - Canada
    - Japan
    - South Africa
    - Brazil

    - fixed a bug placing some erroneous cables in most countries
    - better lod management, all done in compliance with Asobo's rules
    (CPU limited users can still experience occasionally stutters)

    - added cables missing between Fjords in Norway
    - added missin pylons over the Elbe crossing near Hamburg

  • Version 0.9 February 19, 2022

    - new countries added: Ireland, Scandinavia region, Baltics region, Balkans region and Australia
    - added collision handling see know issues and installation notes
    - new pylons models (no more ghosts in the mist/fog)
    - improved placement rules near subststation
    - special rules for Suisse (powerlines along railroads)

  • Veröffentlicht January 12, 2022

    Die erste Version dieser Datei wurde gerade veröffentlicht. Willkommen an Bord!

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