Title:Enhanced Tokyo, Japan 202109 Part 2 of 2
Enhanced Photogrammetry Scenery of Tokyo, Japan update.
2021/09 Hiro2200

These are update version of "Enhanced Tokyo, Japan 202103" using Google's photogrammetry data.
Enlarge areas and inproved details. from this result Increased file size and decrease frame rate.
Each sceney can be selected and used.
No Night-Light enhancement.

Delete "Enhanced Tokyo, Japan 202103 scenery" from your Community folder if you installed.
UnRAR and copy each scenery folder(s) to your Community folder.

Description of Each scenery
Enhanced Tokyo 202109_3.zip
  Google3D_Tokyo_North(Around Itabashi, Kita and Adachi LOD:16-18)
  Google3D_Tokyo_West(Around Suginami and Setagaya LOD:16-18)
Enhanced Tokyo 202109_4.zip
  Google3D_Tokyo_East(Around Arakawa, Sumida and Koutou LOD:16-18)
  Google3D_Tokyo_South(Around Shibuya and Meguro LOD:16-18)
Enhanced Tokyo 202109_5.zip
 Google_Tokyo_Ootemachi(New or improved 3D objects around Ootemachi)
 Google_Tokyo_Shinjuku(New or improved 3D objects around Shinjuku)
 Google_Tokyo_Toyosu(New or improved 3D objects around Toyosu including 2020 Olympic related facilities)
 Google_Tokyo_Wangan(New or improved 3D objects around bayside area)

see "Enhanced Tokyo, Japan 202109 Part 1 of 2"