Native Airbus A330-900neo

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Version 0.92
Erstveröffentlichung July 23, 2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert October 18, 2021
Dateigröße 760.56 MB
Downloads 45,696
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Airline Aviation
#Airliner #Megapack #Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.92 October 18, 2021

    - Added : 4 new portholes views
    - Fixed : HIFLY rear texture
    - Fixed : Landing light message on ECAM

    Remove the 0.91 from your Community and ad into your Community the 0.92


  • Version 0.91 October 17, 2021

    -> This is mainly fixes update :

    - Fixed aileron animations
    - Fixed GPWS callout
    - Fixed red button on sidesticks
    - Fixed porthole views
    - Fixed pilot camera position
    - Fixed fuel data on ECAM
    - Fixed trusth scale
    - Fixed wingflex scale (but maybe too much now ?)
    - Fixed bug and water effect on cockpit glass
    - Fixed C gear light
    - Fixed landing light message on ECAM
    - Fixed CG position
    - Added EFB
    - Removed the copilot inside the cockpit

  • Version 0.9 September 30, 2021

    - Brand new exterior 3D model.
    - Brand new 3D model animations (Wings, Gears, Flaps, ..)
    - Brand new MSFS effects (Engine heat, Contrails, Lights, Rain, Dust, ..)
    - New Flight Dynamics.
    - New 4K textures with PBR.
    - Complete integration of the FBW A32NX Virtual Cockpit (version 0.6.2)
    - Added A330 specific features to the VC.
    - Complete integration of services and systems, according to MSFS SDK Guidelines.

    Please read the mod page for more informations

  • Version 2.0 July 25, 2021


    - Fuel capacity raised to 36,000 Lbs.
    - Removed N1/N2 Engine Protection.
    - Increased main wing thickness.
    - Fixed maximum cruising altitude.

  • Veröffentlicht July 23, 2021

    Die erste Version dieser Datei wurde gerade veröffentlicht. Willkommen an Bord!

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1 Kommentare

Hey Guys how is everyone getting interior wing view???? i just updated to .92 and still nothing......its a good aircraft no issues here

Extremely good freeware works exactly as expected. Slight problems are:

  • Screens can look greyed out if you do not put them at max brightness
  • Slight drifting movement when taxing
  • Right flap will not enter pos 1 unless you go to 2 and back up
  • too much right drift for an airliner

Things I would like to see:

  • Flight detent calibration in the fly pad (Like FBW)

Thank you for the hard work and efforts in bringing this beautiful aircraft to the community. It's greatly appreciated!

Here are some of my observations after trying it out today. I've been flying the A32NX fairly regularly so i'm generally familiar with expected behaviour. Hopefully it will help with future development and troubleshooting:

  • In cold and dark configuration the plane doesn't allow for any interior lights to be illuminated. This only becomes available later on, however i'm not sure what's causing this issue.
  • I was unable to start the engines via master switches on the pedestal. The display is showing fuel valves opening but the engines simply did not respond at all. Using Ctrl+E did end up starting the engines.
  • The AP NAV mode doesn't appear to be working. It causes the plane to just fly in circles, regardless of what flight plan is put in the MCDU. The only way i was able to use the AP was via HDG mode, which as you can imagine is very clunky and sub-optimal.
  • APPR mode also did not work and exhibited the same behaviour as NAV. While the plane would connect to the ILS frequencies and indicate LNAV and G/S, activating APPR did not cause the plane to follow it.
  • I'm not sure if this is a defect or my mistake, but in A32NX i can select an altitude, and then select a V/S rate, click on the V/S knob and it will automatically start climbing/descending. When i attempt to do this in A330, the V/S rate just disappears right away. I have to select altitude, click the knob, plane starts descending at its preferred rate, and then i quickly have to select a V/S rate and click the V/S knob. Again - could be just me not being aware of proper operations but i'm used to A32NX allowing me to do this.
  • Upon landing at a major airport (KJFK in my case), all displays turned off after vacating the runway.

That's more or less the major issues i've experienced. Hope it helps!

can i have help, don't any screen work its full black

Fantastic work, especially as a freeware! I had no real issues with my two flights, it was just nice and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you 😊

If at all technically possible it would be awesome if the interior views would have some sound isolation. At the moment they have the same "noise" level as an outside view, but that's literally a cherry on top, does not hinder the experience at all. Also, I don't know if this is something you would consider, but perhaps it would make sense to join efforts with FBW and integrate your work in their environment, i.e. cockpit work and installer? No idea about the technical complexity, just a thought seeing that both of you do high quality work 😊

The physics are almost non-existing. For me unflyable. Thanks anyways.

The Autopilots dosent work

hello, the Airbus A330 MRTT version is conceivable?

Is there or will there be a discord for this? I think that way we could more efficiently provide feedback or provide more resources for more efficient development of this incredible project.

the flight displays don't work 😞 please fix

Hi there. Sadly, since SU6, the model appears to be showing light pink / dark pink alternating squares along the wings, engines, windows, and gear... Seems the same with all the liveries? It was working before. I downloaded the new 0.92 update already, and also updated my experimental FBW A32nx but don't know why it looks like this now. It worked fine before 😞

Is it possible to use the experimental version instead of the stable version?

Keep up the great work!!!

None of the flight displays work, nor interior lights.

Thank you so much for this free ware. I have been using it for a month now and its freaking awesome!

When you first look at the plane, it's a great aircraft. However, as you dig deeper you find problems like buttons that don't make a sound, wipers that don't work, missing texture on the wings when you're looking from the cockpit, and more. Reading these reviews, I'm seeing a lot of problems that I haven't had, so I'd only fly with this plane if you're ready for glitches. Since it still is a WIP and freeware, I've still given it 4.5 star review

For those having trouble since SU6. I downloaded the new development build of the A320NX and so far everything seems to work. I am flying from FIMP to FMMI and will update once I am sure that the ILS is functional. I had to fly the approach by hand and ILS did not appear to work. Descent to 7,000 altitude would not hold, course would not hold, and ILS appeared to not exist. It appears there are some problems since SU6.

After SU6 the background lights for the overhead panel, autopilot panel, pedestal panel, main panel floodlights and background, and the pedestal floodlights all don't work after about 5-10 minutes from first loading in. This has happened both flights I have done with this plane after SU6. They don't fix throughout the flight and I have tried turning them off and back on again and I have gone to exterior mode, then back interior and it still won't fix. It is fine for day flying but at night it is a pain since I have to turn on the dome lights which make it less realistic. This has only been a problem since SU6 btw. They only seem to work for names as the autopilot panel lights up the FD letters, LS letters and so on. The pedestal lights light up the communication knobs but that is it.

Thank you so much for adding the window views!

But am noticed a few issues with them. In window views the sounds are not changing to cabin sounds and instead you hear them as loud as in outside views. What I also noticed that is that audio sometimes is too loud in one channel and because of that it is very hard when you are using headphones because you hear very loud engine sounds in one ear and almost no sounds in the other ear.

P.S. I am no longer seeing the co-pilot.

I have an issue to do with the textures on the plane, most of them are incomplete on the windows, cockpit wings and other areas, im pretty sure its just me that has this problem because it works fine for other people, anyone know hat i can do to fix it?

i had an issue where the engines shut down about 2-3 hours inflight, i wasnt able to restart them unfortunately

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