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Airbus A330-900neo

The Airbus A330-900neo is a wide-body jet airliner. Made for MSFS, full native integration with wingflex, PBR, materials, effects and based on FBW A32NX systems. This is not a study level aircraft, however it allows to make complete flights. Cleared for takeoff !


Native Airbus A330-900neo for MSFS

The A330-900neo is a wide-body jet airliner manufactured by Airbus.

It is an evolution of the popular A330-300 with new improved wings and modern high bypass engines (Rolls-Royce Trent 7000) for better fuel efficiency.

The first A330-900neo entered service on December 15 2018 with launch partner airline TAP Portugal, it can carry up to 287 passenger with a range of 13300 km.


This project was originally started by Philippe Marion before being completely re-worked from the ground up by Headwind, to make it fully compatible for MSFS. This is not a study level aircraft, however it allows to make complete flights.


Communication : I don't have time to respond to private messages, however i regularly post information in this group :

→ Discord Server :

Simbrief Profile : Simbrief don't offer the A330-900neo profile but you can add this custom profile :

Key features
  • 4K PBR textures
  • Native wingflex and engine torque (first freeware aircraft with this feature)
  • Custom flight model
  • MSFS native effects and materials
  • Semi-customised cockpit
  • based on FBW A32NX system
  • Please remember to delete your previous headwind-a330neo from your community before installing an update. Don't override.
  • Simply drag and drop the headwind-a330neo folder into your community.
  • Remember to calibrate the trottle from the tablet (EFB).
  • Keep in mind that the first loading can be a bit slow.


  • You don't need any FBW A32NX installed : This A330-900neo is standalone.
  • Chokes and plots are visible when Beacon switch is OFF, engines is OFF and parking break switch is ON
  • Cockpit is based on the default A320 cockpit but semi-customised. This is not perfect but a few changes make it a bit different from an A320 cockpit.
  • This is a beta and free version, please be cool.
Important informations

This aircraft systems are forked from the great FBW A32NX project, version 0.7.4. This means that the systems are more advanced than on the default Asobo A320. A cold and dark start requires some knowledge. If you don't know how to start an Airbus, I invite you to follow this tutorial.

If you are not familiar with the FBW A32N project, I invite you to consult the FBW official website and the documentation here.

A huge thank you to the FBW team without whom this project would not be possible. Please not that this A330neo is completely independent from FBW projects.

→  Tutorial for Throttle calibration :

Paintkit and liveries

This initial version contains 11 real world liveries in 4K PBR:

  • Airbus House “Foundation 10 years"
  • TAP Portugal (Portugal)
  • TAP Portugal, Star Alliance (Portugal)
  • Hifly (Portugal)
  • Condor SEA, ISLAND and BEACH (x3, Germany)
  • Air Belgium (Belgium)
  • Corsair International (France)
  • Delta (USA)
  • Blank

Find more than 300 liveries here :

A paintkit is provided here :

Special thanks
  • Kevin Widjaja : Thanks to Kevin who implemented version 0.7.4 of FBW's A32NX systems. Kevin work on a free Sukhoi SSJ project for MSFS, you can discover his SSJ here
  • Philippe Marion : Initial inspiration for the project, advice and translations.
  • Bluemesh: help on blender and the sunglass.
Open Source

Open Source Projects contributing to the realisation of this MSFS A330-900 Neo :

This project repository is on GitHub here :



The original contents of this repository are DUAL LICENSED. Original textual-form source code in this file is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Creative Commons License Artistic Assets (Models, Textures) are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You are free to:
 Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
 Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.
asures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation. The Project Mega Pack A330 was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation. The FlyByWire Simulations A32NX was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

This project are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Airbus brand, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

Sim Update 11
July 23, 2021
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Airbus A330-900


  • Aktualisiert auf Version 0.200

  • Aktualisiert auf Version 0.106

  • Aktualisiert auf Version 0.105

  • Aktualisiert auf Version 0.104

  • Aktualisiert auf Version 0.103

  • Aktualisiert auf Version 0.102

  • Initial File Release

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Finaly done à discord server : (thanks to Revyn112)

If you are aware, Headwind A330Neo model has some imbalance fuel issue. I observed when I had a short haul flight like 2.5 hours, during the approach, I checked the fuel consumption and saw the lefthand side fuel tank reduced significantly faster than the righthand side fuel tank though the Engines consuming almost the same amount of fuel. Also, I had activated fuel tank cross feed all the time and had turned off lefthand side fuel pump during the flight so that the engines get the fuel from righthand tank. It didn't help, the lefthand side tank keep reducing. So, during the landing, right side aileron deflected a little bit down and a little bit up on the left aileron due to imbalance CG. Anyone knows how to fix this?

hello , great plane , can someone help me with the control, i have a hard time turning with the plane is it anyway i can reset the controls like the previous version. thank u.

Bonjour dans la maj y'a t'il une correction pour pouvoir tourner correctement au sol ou pas svp sinon tres belle avion

Good evening,

is there a release date for version 0.3? The community is waiting for it so much. Have a great evening and keep it up

When I start the A330 I have purple tiles in the cockpit in the view outside. How can I fix this

Aircraft needs an update desperately. Great aircraft however.

Everything works great! Until i land, and then engine one shuts down (almost). But it spools down with no way of spooling it back up, and then it won't turn right?

turn on the batteries, and external power, display and tab continues off .

really nice but i think its a little light even with full capacity load. Really hard to land well with a large light plane in heavy winds

My cockpit not working and i dont know what to do 😞

The A339X is awesome! Hope to see the latest one soon. Keep it up devs!

Can the nose wheel be operated with the tiller ??

The mod is great for a freeware mod, but it needs some work. The game crashed a couple of times, once while taxing, the other one when I just took off, and the last one right after I landed after a 5 hours flight (I almost cried). Also, there are some bugs like the doors not closing, the plane not turning fast enough, and the front wheel was doing 360s as you are turning like a shopping cartwheel. I'm just going to wait for the next update, which should be coming out very soon, according to their discord.

Its a very good mod

Unusably long loading times for all flybywire aircraft also affect this one, making it completely unflyable 😞

Question : what is the exact Vref on that aircraft ? I have seen 140 and other 142.

A330-300 is category C.

But what is the APC (Aircraft Performance Category) for -900neo ? Is it C or D ?

Love the Airplane and been flying it since it's release, however i prefer the version before FBW, is there a way to get it?

I have been flying the A330-900 since it was first released and have had no problems until very recently, possibly just after the last update! I now find that the fuel management system has gone haywire, it appears to be taking fuel out of the left main tank and transferring it to the right main tank ie the left tank is emptying rapidly and the right tank is filling up..!! Operating the X-Feed has no effect on this. This evening I decided to see what would happen if you let the tank completely empty (maybe it's just a computer glitch) but no, sure enough, the engine just wound down.

This has finally made the aircraft unusable for me. Has anyone any ideas, I would hate to stop using this aircraft?

First of all: Great work and thanks that so many developers give their stuff for free to the community! You guys keep the Flightsim alive for many, many years now. I am still happy with this aircraft, unfortunately I have to look for an alternate. The bugs with fuel consumption, taxiing and parking breakes (FSDT GSX Pro) are not solved yet, 2nd & 3rd is not that important, fuel bug really sucks. Please tell us if you work on anoher update or not. Thanks!

I stopped using it. It is just too buggy.

Doors through the EFB are not working correctly. Sometimes the doors will open, many times they won't . Sometimes doors won't close at all.

APU sometimes cuts out for no reason.

GSX works if you play around with it, parking brake does not. So if using GSX than do not use pushback.

Taxiing , steering is a bit wonky. It works but the rudder input you have to do is extreem.

Just tried a flight , turned on the autopilot and instead of turning left it banked right into the ground.

Did a couple of flights, sometimes it works ,most of the times it just doesn't.

It is a nice plane if everything works ,but that is rare.

Diese Artikel befinden sich derzeit auf der Liste und werden in Kürze bearbeitet!
Vorschläge, Bugs und Ideen für die Zukunft.

  • Version 0.200 May 22, 2022

    [ADDED][EFB] Navigraph Integration for Charts
    [CHANGED][SYSTEM] Update System to FlyByWire 0.8.1 (incl. MCDU Server)
    [CHANGED][ENGINE] Adjust thrust from N1 of 20 to 40% percent at 0 and 0.1 mach. This should change idle thrust, taxi and takeoff behavior.
    [CHANGED][FUEL] Adjusted Fuel Flow Factor. This should now be at a consumption of 5.2t per hour / 90kg per minute.
    [CHANGED][GENERAL] Some under the hood improvements.
    [FIXED][EFB] Adjusted brightness (its now readable even with direct sunflares on it)
    [FIXED][EFB] Fuel page display now the correct fuel amount for each tank
    [FIXED][EFB] Settings and configurations (e.g. detents) are now seperated from A32NX, so they are not anymore shared between A32NX and A339X (Don't forget to recalibrate your throttles)
    [FIXED][FUEL] Adjusted refueling rate to roughly 33 minutes
    [FIXED][MCDU] All push buttons are now enlighted
    [FIXED][MCDU] Progess Page -> Formula for OPT / REC MAX Flight Level adjusted
    [FIXED][MCDU] DEPART REQ Page show the correct A/C Type now (A339)
    [FIXED][MCDU] ATSU > W/B > Cargo Payload fixed (max payload is now 44.8t)
    [FIXED][MCDU] Waypoints in format Axx.x/Byyy.y are now supported by default
    [FIXED][MODEL] Master Warn and Caution trigger clickable again
    [FIXED][MODEL] Tire Landing FX (Smoke, Rain etc.)
    [FIXED][SOUND] When cockpit door is locked there is no more passenger ambient sound

  • Version 0.106 April 29, 2022

    hotfix to fix the input error on the MCDU PERF TAKE OFF Page

  • Version 0.105 April 28, 2022

    ### Important Information:

    Before you install version 0.105 please remove all previous installations from the Community Package and from your AppData directory. (Clean Install)

    You can find the corresponding AppData directory here:
    - Steam Version: %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages
    - Xbox / MS Store: %AppData%\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe

    ### 0.105

    • [GENERAL] SU9 Compatibility - FBW Stable 0.7.5 Integration - @Revyn112 (Revyn112)
    • [CONFIG] Adjust Aircraft ATC Information - @Revyn112 (Revyn112)
    • [FMC] Adjust FMC manage speed - @kevinwidjaja21 (kevinwidjaja21)
    • [AP] Change autoland flare activation altitude from 40 ft to 50 ft - @kevinwidjaja21 (kevinwidjaja21)
    • [GENERAL] Changed the whole process of building the A330-900, so it will be more easy to update it in future - @Revyn112 (Revyn112)
    • [EFB] You can now use your Navigraph Account to get Charts on the Tablet - @Revyn112 (Revyn112)
    • [MODEL] Fix decal Texture of engines - @headwindmsfs (Thomas)

  • Version 0.104 April 18, 2022


    Please welcome to Revyn112 who join the team has developer! Revyn112 has just pushed his first fixes and his talented work is promising !

    This update will change the configuration to reflect a more common A330-900 (WV901 - HiFly Configuration and Specs).

    Changes to Highlight:

    • HiFly Configuration (9H-SZN)
    • 290 PAX Configuration (3-Class)
    • MTOW Changed to 242000 kg
    • OEW Changed to 132505 kg
    • Cargo Configuration also adjusted
    • ZFWCG Calculation corrected
    • Fix the camera to the correct EFB position

    → For this change an update to the SimBrief Profile is required:

  • Version 0.103 April 15, 2022


    This update fix :

    - MCDU : You can add 298 paxs now (thanks to Revyn)
    - MCDU : Adjust max block fuel (thanks to Revyn)
    - COCKPIT : Rebasing cockpit lights from FBW A32NX
    - COCKPIT : Fixing the MCDU emissive light
    - SOUND : Fix the external sound in porthole views
    - CAMERA : Totaly rebased from FBW A32NX camera settings
    - 3D model : Added 2 more porthole views like FBW

    Please remember that this A330neo are based on the FBW A32NX 0.74, so it is behind the development version. Features are not present such as HOLD or VNAV. Will be implemented on the A330 when FBW releases stable 0.8. FPS drop when the EFB is ON are present in the FBW stable 0.74. Just stop it when you dont use.

  • Version 0.102 April 08, 2022


    Just pushed an update.

    This update fix the climb rate : Now you can climb from 0 to 41000ft with a normal climb rate.
    Based on my observations from YT cockpit videos and FR24 traces.

    • Fix the passengers limit in MCDU.
    • Increase the reverse and spoiler drag.

    → Next update will focused on weight, fuel consumption and cockpit lights.

    Please remember that this A330neo are based on the FBW A32NX 0.74, so it is behind the development version. Features are not present such as HOLD or VNAV. Will be implemented on the A330 when FBW releases stable 0.8. FPS drop when the EFB is ON are present in the FBW stable 0.74. Just stop it when you dont use.

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