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Version 3.0
Erstveröffentlichung April 09, 2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert August 21, 2021
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Downloads 2,169
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  • Version 3.0 August 21, 2021

    Added : Alma radio telescope + 3 other autralian observatories as external links

  • Version 2.2 August 01, 2021

    Added 5 more observatories. Check download link in the documentation.

  • Version 2.1 June 01, 2021

    Added : animated flags.
    Compatibility improvments.

  • Version 2.0 May 15, 2021

    Added observatories :
    - La Silla observatory : ESO's first observatory in Chile, but also the largest scenery of the project due to so many telescopes installed there
    - Las Campanas observatory, home of the Magellan telescopes, but also of the Giant Magellan, one of the supergiants i wanted to depict in my sceneries (together with TMT, EELT and Vera Rubin)

  • Version 1.2 May 01, 2021

    Added :
    - Cerro Tololo observatory
    - Cerro Pachon observatory

    Re-organization of the package :
    - the main file only includes Chilean observatories
    - other observatories have been placed in dedicated download links

  • Version 1.1 April 13, 2021

    Added in this version :

    - all Teide Observatory, in Tenerife Island
    - the Thirty Meter Telescope at Mauna Kea observatory, Hawaii

  • Veröffentlicht April 09, 2021

    Die erste Version dieser Datei wurde gerade veröffentlicht. Willkommen an Bord!

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62 Kommentare


3 month(s) ago

Simply wonderful! Makes so much difference to those previously empty mountain tops! Many thanks.

Must Have Add-On

Excellent job. I appreciated it a lot. Thanks. I'm creating Helipads for São Paulo, Brazil and would like to know how I can get his permission to use some objects for him. Although I finished the project, I don't want to post it without your permission. Sorry, I'm new here and I don't know by what means I can ask for your permission

Hi, i was wondering what addon uses your 'droide-droideflags' folder? I have v0.1.0 and was wondering if it's needed anymore?

Hi droide,

So just read the description, in the past you had european telescopes in that pack, right?

And now not anymore?

Or did I missunderstand that?

BTW: Nice stuff 😊

I am surprised nobody asked what is this strange truck, in front of the Vera Rubin telescope, on the Cerro Pachon.

This is the very unique 3.2 billion pixel camera, the biggest astronomical camera ever, that is under installation process in the Vera Rubin.

Any chance you could do Mt Stromlo Observatory?

Simply wonderful! Makes so much difference to those previously empty mountain tops! Many thanks.

Awesome having these to explore! Bringing two interests of mine into one place! Great addition to the sim 😀

Aw, we just flew over La Silla this tuesday on our way to Tololo. Ah well, I guess we'll have to fly it again... 😊

Awesome work, by the way, it's really appreciated. It has been a great success on our group flights! Really good job!

(are you planning on doing the ALMA array, too for this package?)
The models are realy awesome and lot of nice Details. Its fun to visit the Obersvatories by the air...
Thanks so much for your great work!!!
Some Screens: https://www.fotomesh.de/Alben/MSFS_Astronomie/
I visited all you mods except Canaria planned tomorrow. This really impressive, I loved all I have seen. You did a really great job. Condratulation.
Thanks again for these! It's a little unclear which ones are in this package, and which ones need to be downloaded separately for completeness. Guessing everything is in here except the five telescopes linked at the end of the description? But the 30 Meter Telescope is listed as a link but also in the description of this pack, so thus the confusion. 😊
What a nice project I'm really excited to discover them. Thank you so much. As an amateur astronomer, I'm really pleased to see them all. If you can add the Russian one too, that would be great.
J'ai réalisé que c'était toi qui a fait aussi celui en France dernièrement. Merci pour tous ces beaux ajouts.
I find the description somewhat confusing, looks like the document is outdated. Otherwise it's a good work
Beautiful work!
Would you consider this landmark? It's visible for miles northwest of Boston
Wow c est magnifique bravo !!!!😍

Avec quel logiciel a tu fait la modélisation 3d ?
What's the folder airport-gxco for? It puts me right on the base of the Teide when selecting GXCO as departure or arrival...
Well I went to Hawaii, Mauna Kea, and flew around in VR. I followed the road up the mountain and Blam there they were. It was awesome to see all of them and they looked great. Thank you for creating this mod.
Fantastic! Nice touch. Thank you!!😉👍🏻
These are awesome! Thank you for creating this.

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