GSX Pro Profile for Orbx Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Note: This profile is specifically designed for use with the ORBX Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport and is not compatible with any other scenery.

Key Features:

  • Unique vehicle positions assigned to each stand and gate
  • Customized parking and stop positions
  • Correct stand positions for self maneuvering stands
  • Correct pushback direction labels
  •  Adjusted ground vehicle positions

Installation Instructions

- Extract the file to the following location: \AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS

- Please remember, if you bought the scenery from the in-game marketplace, you'll need to tick Use SU10 Navdata API in the FSDT Live Updater

This is my second profile for MSFS I have made. Another simple profile which cleans up the GSX functionality across the airport. As described above I have created custom walking routes for passengers, custom airport vehicle positions and custom pushback procedures. Each one I have tested myself, however if you find an issue with the profile, let me know below and I'll get it fixed ASAP.

Developing this profile has been a significant learning experience, and I am excited to create more in the future. If you would like to support my work, donations via the provided Paypal link would be greatly appreciated. However, please note that donations are entirely optional, and you are welcome to use the profile without any obligations. Thank you for visiting!

Wishing you enjoyable and safe flights!