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Do you like flying VFR and watching the World below you? Do you sometimes feel that something is missing? We Love VFR is here to help you. We Love VFR is a free add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds thousands of new VFR-friendly objects. In this version, you get communication, radio, and tv antennas, chimneys, cooling towers, radar domes, construction cranes, and satellite/radio telescope dishes, large crosses and... gers, also known as yurts! I have plans for many more.

I spend countless hours developing this, so donations are very appreciated, but not mandatory ;)

If you don't like smoke effects, or they somehow kill your fps, first of all, report it here or on discord, but then you can download the "no effects" version of this add-on.

Note to creators: Because of ToS BS (so many abbreviations!), and me modifying files with every update I've removed consent on using my assets in other add-ons. This doesn't mean I don't want you to use them! Just contact me and I will provide you with source files and assistance :) I'll try to prepare the separate library soon, to make everything compatible forever (I must change ALL GUIDs in one region for compatibility reasons, so it may break some sceneries). The library won't be available at, so check my discord for links. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. For now, I recommend using Region 1 as a dependency.

Region 1 (Europe and North Africa) is here »
Region 2 (Americas and second part of the Oceania) is here »
  • ~150 000 objects were placed in region 3
  • Coverage of Asia, the Middle East, Australia and part of Oceania
  • In this version, mobile communication, tv and radio antennas, chimneys, flare stacks, cooling towers, radar domes, construction cranes, satellite/radio telescope dishes, large and mountain peak crosses, and gers (yurts)
  • Visual effects. Yup, we have smoking chimneys and cooling towers and fire coming from flare stacks. And yes, they do react to wind and even temperature.
  • Puffin AI* - correct placement and appearance of objects**
  • Incorporated data from various sources
  • Over 100 custom models
  • Lower spec PC friendly
  • More planned
How to install?

Find your „Community” directory and just copy "a-puf-we-love-vfr-region3" folder there. That’s it. If you’re updating my addon, remove the old version before installing the new one.

If you have a conflicting addon refer to the included ReadMe file.

Warning: To get satellite dishes/radio telescopes you need "USA Points of Interest" and "Australia Points of Interest" by Asobo, from the official World Update USA and World Update Australia installed. It's available in the sim in the marketplace for free.

I'm working on this alone and data in this region is far from perfect, so don't be mad if you see any errors, just report them to me so I can fix them ;) If you see an object that you know but its appearance is wrong, join our discord and report it there. I'll try to add/fix it for the next version.

Known Issues:
  • My objects are switched off on photogrammetry to avoid conflicts (except mast and antennas). Unfortunately, photogrammetry boundaries are sometimes different than real photogrammetry coverage. Because of that, objects that are close to photogrammetry areas might not appear at all. I'm trying to figure out what to do with this. If you find a place like this, report it to me so I can fix it.

*Not really AI. Just quite complex conditions and a lot of code, but AI sounds a lot better.
**Depends on data availability.