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Version 0.2.1
Erstveröffentlichung October 26, 2020
Zuletzt aktualisiert December 10, 2020
Dateigröße 1.62 MB
Downloads 6,600
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  • Version 0.2.1 December 10, 2020

    Compatibility update for MSFS 2020 v1.11.7.0 >

  • Veröffentlicht October 26, 2020

    Die erste Version dieser Datei wurde gerade veröffentlicht. Willkommen an Bord!

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111 Kommentare

v0.2.1/v0.4.1 is still compatible with latest version of MSFS, great mod.

You should take this down. Pushing an older version of a MOD that requires paid mod for current support is frustrating.

This version breaks ATC for some reason in the current version of MSFS.

To recreate:

1 File any IFR flight plan

2 start at ramp

3 request IFR clearance

4 see that the ATC reply is broken

Simply take out the mod and revert to original file and this ^ will start working again

I cannot locate the file using the discription in the readme. got a total different map layout. I am with the steam version. but under packages there is no global map.
I would love to implement smaller taxi ribbons.
thx in advance for replying.
5 euros envoyé. Comment obtenir la version complète
This is a great tweak. Is there a way to remove the destination marker and just have the tint ribbons?
Are-you still supporting the full version (4.1) ? I mean, is it actually compatible with the last FS2020 version and In the future, if your modified BGL become incompatible, will you build new compatible version ?

I suppose that to get this version I have to donate 5$ ?

Is there a way to see exactly what this 4.1 version do (website, video) ?
I donated $5. how do you get the version that remove the signs and taxi box
Great Thank You !
Tout simplement génial !
C'est efficace, discret et çà ne me gâche plus mes roulages comme le faisaient ces horribles grosses flèches bleues. Personnellement j'ai choisi les minuscules flèches vertes.
Tous mes compliments au concepteur de ce petit logiciel fort utile .
I love the invisible, you still see where you need to park but everything is off and can follow the airport Charts like in real life.
Just great! I just wish there was a shortcut button to switch on off in case you get lost in huge airports 😊
Oldie but goldie ... Using your mod now for several months and it still is a must-have for a natural display of taxiway routes
white would be a good color
Does someone know what do I have to transfer to the main scenery/global/asobo_UI folder:

1. The Asobo_UI.BGL document or
2. The "Black" folder
3. The "Tiny" folder
4 The "Tiny Taxi Ribbons" folder


Thank you for your help!
Hope you're "donating" to the devs of every piece of free software you use on your PC. Some of them which have taken months or years to develop.

Mod works fine and thank you for putting this out there for the community. I use this with Mugz UI mod which turns on/off the distant markers.
"Tiny Taxi RibbonsTiny+AquaAsobo_UI" is used now, but if possible, I want "red" and "yellow".
Looks like the MSFS version 1.13.16 update replaced the Asobo_UI.bgl file, so I would imagine that we'll need an update that incorporates the changes to the file.
Nevermind - it was a dumb question and I figured it out / Donation enroute !
This is likely a dumb question but how to I open a "rar" file

Thanks for your work on this - I hate the massive ribbons and sometimes persistent markers

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