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Version 3.0.7
Erstveröffentlichung August 20, 2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert January 17, 2022
Dateigröße 92.38 MB
Downloads 88,260
Status Noch nicht heruntergeladen
Diese Datei wurde nicht auf Viren gescannt. Der Download erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr.
Kompatibilität mit Sim Update 7 ist bestätigt worden.


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  • Version 3.0.7 January 17, 2022

    Add "Auto Start" checkbox to allow start the mod automatically.
    Some wording change.

  • Version 3.0.6 January 12, 2022

    * Upgrade electron builder package to prevent antivirus report (Need to see if it works)
    * Add some descriptions for map server selection

  • Version 3.0.5 January 08, 2022

    Fix ArcGIS empty content satellite image

  • Version 3.0.4 January 08, 2022

    Add ArcGIS server support
    Add new icon

  • Version 3.0.2 January 08, 2022

    Fix always notify update available
    Fix some urls

  • Version 3.0.1 January 06, 2022

    Minor fixes
    Disable autoupdate, will notify new version and let you decide to update.

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2197 Kommentare

For the virtus report from windows defender. Here is antivirus check report:

I use same virtual check tool as, it reports "No security vendors and 1 sandbox flagged this file as malicious".

I checked the builder tools issue here: "" and it should be a false positive. Please ignore this antivirus report and I will try to fix it.

problem solved. everything works! grand

This is amazing. Great Job.

Manny Thanks.

It will not work for me and msfs will not open up. I first had a concrt140 dll and vcromp dll issue and after I installed those now its saying the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000007b)

image server acces fails, is becoming not green??? nginx server check ok.

Solutions?? Thanks

Fantastic job !

Could you put the automatic update as an option ? thank you, great job

is snow still able to be seen on the ground when using this mod?

Does this tool pose a security risk for my pc?

In version 3.0.7 I seem to be getting areas where only default MSFS/no sat data textures are showing. I think this may be due to a change in the latest MSFS update that somehow gave priority to the "missing" textures to display on top of everything if sat data is absent. See image posted


ArcGIS seems to be unaffected by this.

The mod was working properly yesterday but after updating it to 3.0.7 I get this error: "Start server failed, error: Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts'"

Edit: It seems it's caused by Kaspersky. Now it works. Great mod btw.

wow great job on the new software

New "Auto Start" not happening for me. But I don't have MSFS in the default drive, which i am guessing is the reason

How come I still get "connection lost, bandwidth is too slow" issue when it never happened before I used it, have stopped rolling cache and have deleted the two lines from the "hosts" file?

Hi, i still got "Low Bandwidth" and connection lost, and i have a clean Host file.

I'm at 1gb/1gb so the connection is no trouble.

There is a Google vs Bing comparison video up on YouTube where the tester said when you switch to Google with this mod it also uses the Google DEM? I'm not sure. Could you please confirm? Obviously MS got some high res DEM and I want to make sure this is still retained...



2 day(s) ago / Gedankt von derekhe

Fantastic mod thankyou.

Is it possible to have an inject on startup (of the program) switch? I like to start all my FS utilities at the same time, with a batch file.

Hallo zusammen, bei mir funkt alles, wie es sein soll. Ich benötige nicht mal einen Proxy wenn ich den Modus umschalte. Vielen Dank an alle die bei diesem Programm mitgewirkt haben. Tausend Dank!!!!

If I only use this Mod and not Bing maps. Do I have to return to Bing when shutting down this mod?

Thnx. Works very well and it looks definatly more realistic 😀

First, thank you for this addon it's brilliant but I have some problems with it. I did a test flight from Budapest to Amsterdam and I noticed that the program replaces the pictures around the aircraft and in a farther way there are just blurry textures. I turned off the rolling cache but didn't fixed the problem. Can somebody give me an advice how can I use the google maps scenery just like the default bing without blurry areas? Should I try to change servers? I tried on the default server I guess the mt. server. Please give me an advice and keep up to date this program because its changes the whole sim for us. Thank you!

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