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FS SimRate Bandit

This tool will help you with controlling and indicating current SimRate in Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 via SimConnect. It can display and announce the current SimRate via voice. Another feature is the automatic increase and decrease of SimRate along your flight plan. Features Display current SimRate and...

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This tool will help you with controlling and indicating current SimRate in Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 via SimConnect.

It can display and announce the current SimRate via voice. Another feature is the automatic increase and decrease of SimRate along your flight plan.


  • Display current SimRate and distance to next waypoint in app
  • Announce current SimRate via voice on change
  • Automatic SimRate increase/decrease until final waypoint of flight plan is reached (description below)
  • [TODO] Configurable Auto SimRate
  • [TODO] Display current SimRate as overlay
  • ...more to come


Automatic SimRate

When you click the "Start Travel" button the SimRate will automatically increase and decrease when the final waypoint is reached

Best use this when you departed and autopilot and speeds are set.

The conditions for auto travel to automatically stop are currently:

  • 15nm before final waypoint in flight plan (before approach)
    25nm before final waypoint on direct flights
    Approach activated

A few nm before any waypoint, the SimRate will decrease to allow the autopilot to properly adjust heading. SimRate will increase after the waypoint again.

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September 04, 2020
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WOW - SU10 was looking great, but I had installed a small app to monitor speed rate just before the upgrade showed up, and I fear it has caused me great pain. After SU10 install completed, I rebooted and ran MSFS. Opening screens work fine, I can click on World and select a departure, but once I begin take off, the app is gone - CTD.  After completely deleting that little speed rate app, I have done two uninstall/reinstalls.  The second time, I removed all of "onestore" folder and did a Windows update. Then I went to MS Store and ran "Install for MSFS Premium -130GB later it's done. But the app does the same behavior. My MSFS had been running fine for a year before this - computer is Cyberpower i-5 10400 6/12 2.90ghz 2mb cache LGA1200 and Graphics is Geforce GTX 1660 Super 6GB GDDR6.  I have also cleared Registry of all references to the app EXCEPT on entry which is locked and doesn't allow me to delete!! ONE STAR - I have downloaded and installed obviously but the stars didn't work...

Was working fine but now it works intermittently. Loads, says Simrate one but can't start travel, button grayed out. Used to be able to use CNTL and + to increase rate and use - to slow rate, Not working now. I deleted first download and redownloaded but same issue. Nothing new added or sim updates. Nice when it works. I'd give it 5 stars but only 4 1/2 since problems have started. Maybe an update is needed for FS Sim Bandit to work properly.

Excellent little add-on which aids shortening those lonnnng cruise legs. Simple operation, just 'connect' the app to the sim then click the 'start travel' button to increase the sim rate to 4x. Seems to work perfectly well with Sim Update 9.

With last update + FBW A320 (didn't test with other planes) the distance to WP is broken and it doesn't speed up to Simrate 4 like before, just 2.

Why the tool doesn't work in combination with FlyByWire A320?

It no longer works well. It activates, does its job, but no longer deactivates!!! The only way was to pause the sim and when it went to 1x close the little program immediately. Look at the sim clock to see if the seconds are advancing regularly.

This application has worked well for me until today when it suddenly wouldn't maintain 4 times the sim rate as reported by others. This occurred after installing the NXi G1000 though I haven't confirmed that it is related. What I did find out though is that after stopping the travel, I can control the sim rate with the assigned plus and minus hot keys (in my case the toggle on my yoke) and the SimRateBandit will report the sim rate without changing it. After returning to simrate 1, the SimRateBandit has to be disconnected to reassign the hotkeys to other uses.

Wirklich gut und funktioniert bei mir mit dem SU6 ohne Probleme. Danke dafür!

It was great at first, but now after 30-45 min of flying it loses connection and never recovers. I have found that the Mobile Companion App has the sim rate option, and it works fine so I'm using that now. I'll check back later to see if this has been resolved.

Great application but since update 5 it no longer works, very pity

Perfect, thanks a lot

Unfortunately it is not working fine with my installation. Mostly no reaction at all
BHush missions not working. Once by luck working it is out of any controll. jumping up and down.
Can i configure some settings???
What a clever little gimmick! Thank you. 😍
One thing I'm missing: Please ensure resetting the simrate to 1 upon exiting or disconnecting the application.
I had to change my mind about this very useful Tool. I used this tool about a dozen times and it worked very well. Very helpful for long distance flights. Only one remark. It dont switch back to simrate 4 after last normal waypoint. On a flight today (DA62 WASS to WAJJ) the last waypoint was 123 nm away from first approach waypoint. But thats just a small thing. Overall very good.
The idea behind this program is very useful. I tested it today After start I connected it and it worked very well. Simrate 4 and distance to next waypoint was perfect. A few miles before (abt. 5 miles) first WP it switched down to simrate 1 and behind WP it never switched back to former simrate 4. What a pitty.
What went wrong?
This program was removed by Malware Byte stating that is is indeed a malware - Why is that?
Hello, the SimRate tool is flashing green/blue. The travel button is no longer active. Maybe an issue with the today's upate? Thank you
Recently I have asked for advice, but got no answer. Therefore I would like to ask again, HOW TO MAITAIN (FIX) A CERTAIN SIM-RATE. Because when I use the bandit and want to increase the speed from sim-rate 2 to 4, it always drops back to sim-rate 2. I really would be very thankful for your advice! - Thanks Laszlo (from shity-old Austria)
Is this app downloaded into the community folder?
Great tool! Thanks for this one. Since there is no way right now to tell what rate your at before I found this I was listening the the engine noise and if I went below rate 1 the pitch of the sound would change.

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