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KMFR - Rogue Valley - Medford Airport

KMFR - Rogue Valley - Medford Airport Medford, OR, USA Features: Custom handcrafted models: Airline Terminal, Control Tower, Cargo Facilities, Fire Station, Mercy Flights Hangar, Million Air FBO, Erickson Hangar, Jet Center FBO, Civil Air Patrol Hangar, and more. Custom Terraforming / Accurate Elevations Complete rebuild of the runway, taxiways,...


KMFR - Rogue Valley - Medford Airport

Medford, OR, USA


Custom handcrafted models: Airline Terminal, Control Tower, Cargo Facilities, Fire Station, Mercy Flights Hangar, Million Air FBO, Erickson Hangar, Jet Center FBO, Civil Air Patrol Hangar, and more.

Custom Terraforming / Accurate Elevations

Complete rebuild of the runway, taxiways, aprons, and ground markings.

Custom Night Lighting

Full taxiway signage


For the two Erickson S64 Skycrane helicopters to appraer in front of the Erickson hangar you will need to download: totof helicopter library

For a few extra scenery objects to appear you will need to download the UK2000 object library available as a free download in the Marketplace.


Just copy the MFR_Medford folder to your community folder.



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May 13, 2021
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7 day(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Fantastic! Is there any chance either yourself or someone else might be able to make a set of GSX profiles for all of your airports? Thanks!


owend1944 Prämie

8 day(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Thanks for this latest addition to the sim. I have all the airports you have done and your great work is very much appreciated.



8 day(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Thanks so much for the v3 update. The airport is getting closer to reality with every update. To take your project to the next level, remove the aircraft you have parked in the 2000 Mulligan Way hangar (next to the tower) and replace with N1TS, a B737-700 BBJ. The hangar was specifically built for N1TS Google Images has various angles for N1TS if you need visuals for painting a B737 static model. Thanks again for the effort you put into creating KMFR!

Have you confirmed that KEUG and KMFR are working with MSFS 2020 SU11. If you have confirmed this please indicate this on your product pages, right now the last version is around SU8. I will not download and install them without the scenery creators verification. I have had an outdated scenery product fry my MSFS 2020 install. It was not fun having to reinstall everything. Thank you.



3 month(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Huge thanks! I have FBO there in FSEconomy.


When are you planning on verifying compatibility with SU9/SU10. I wont install any scenery until I see compatibility with a specific build of MSFS.

Does this work with SU9? can anyone confirm ? or does it CTD the sim? thank u



8 month(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Excellent work, thank you!

I took a chance and installed this, it is Fabulous. I have landed at KMFR several times in the real World in a 172 Flying Club plane. Got my License over there at the building with the 4 engine plane Displayed, Test taken there and Passed. I am From Brookings over on the Coast, KBOK. I was trying to find someone to redo it, about an hours work they say, would be Great. Keep up the Great work and if you know of KBOK and may do it some time I'll Keep checking. Are you from Oregon by chance?



9 month(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

This is the best scenery I have seen in MSFS so far. absolutely superb, excellent work, keepem coming.

Fix the windsock rule please!!!

1st, thank you for doing a regional airport. Was getting board of just flying to the Majors and I think with regionals like this you get to appreciate and see the nice environments. I flew from KBFI which was also an upgraded airport like this. Nice to go to these airports and appreciate you taking the time to put effort into it. If you get the time, would love to see people standing by the gate 1a and 1b I believe under the yawning or whatever you call that thing that leads down to the gate. Fedex truck by the Fedex building or a static fedex grand caravans would really be impressive there. TNCM from FlyTampa has them at TNCM. Actually now that I think about it, maybe put that ameriflight cargo by that building as well. Love see the few people you had a the terminal. Keep up the good work.



1 year(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Thank you for KMFR!

Fantastic work! Thank you!

Please fix the windsock.

I love your work. Thank you so much. It would be amazing if S50, Auburn Muni and KPLU Thun Field would get your touch....



1 year(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

I cannot believe this is free. God Bless You.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?



2 year(s) ago / Gedankt von BullfrogSim

Thank you so much for making this! I grew up in Medford, this feels like I'm going home <3 Short flight up to 10,000 feet, go East to Grants Pass, south to Applegate lake, hang a left to see Shasta, head back north once you hit Yreka, fly over Ashland and just go straight back into rwy 32.

Hey BullfrogSim, I did figure out the cause of my CTD issues. Your modellib.bgl file needs to be renamed and is causing conflicts. You can read about the issue here:

First of all, thank you for your continued hard work! Unfortunately, the 2.01 version is causing CTD for me, just after takeoff, with any aircraft. Not sure why, but removing it from the community folder and reverting to 1.3 solves the issues.

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Vorschläge, Bugs und Ideen für die Zukunft.

  • Version 3.0 March 18, 2023

    Every building has received updates, enhancements, and texture upgrades
    6 new custom modeled buildings along with new custom scenery objects and signs
    A complete rebuild of the aprons and taxiways

  • Version 2.60 January 16, 2022


    - Fixed elevation of the touchdown zone of Runway 14

    - (optional) Added two Erickson S64 Skycrane helicopters in front of the Erickson hangar. Requires totof helicopter library

    - Added a few more scenery objects around the airport.

  • Version 2.50 October 17, 2021


    - Overhaul of the Million Air Hangar, now has open doors and interior modeling. (parking #19 will start you in the hangar)

    - Replaced the default ramp lights with custom modeled ramp lights accurate to MFR

    - Added dedicated vehicle routes to deduce vehicle traffic on the taxiways

  • Version 2.02 September 07, 2021

  • Version 2.01 August 21, 2021

  • Version 2.0 August 20, 2021

    V2.0 / Final Version:

    - Upgraded Ground Markings

    - 4 New Handcrafted buildings

    - Upgraded control tower textures

    - Many new details and enhancements

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