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Version V0.2.7
Erstveröffentlichung April 18, 2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert November 25, 2021
Dateigröße 210.91 MB
Downloads 5,627
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Intl. Airports
United Kingdom Exclusive Drag and Drop


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Vorschläge, Bugs und Ideen für die Zukunft.

  • Version V0.2.7 November 25, 2021

    ATC interior
    ATC further attention
    T3 pier fixed to building custom light masts
    T3 Pier stand signs
    Hold shorts west side

  • Version V0.2.6 November 20, 2021

    All centrelines solid yellow and yellow/white now projected mesh
    Stop markers aligned to spawn points
    Now project can continue

  • Version V025 November 19, 2021

    All centrelines now in correct positions on parking bays created so far with a better looking projected mesh system
    Spawn point/stop markers in position for stands 519-523.

    Continuing with this fiddly setback, but in the end will look better

  • Version V024 November 18, 2021

    One step forward, two steps back today with Sim Update 7, with this scenery
    All parking bay solid yellow type centrelines removed to clear errors.
    New projected Mesh Centrelines for Terminal T5A and T5B,
    T5C and T3 needs aligning which will be next update will be T5C and everything up to the area i have reached, with projected mesh stop markers

    I will leave the previous version in place as this is just a test

    Magnetic Variation set to -0.4 degrees in stead of +0.4 degrees which is whars showing in default Heathrow 0.4 degrees East.
    Hopefully ILS will be aligned, but i still think theres an Asobo bug because littlenavmap is still showing 0 degrees and off radial to Loc.

  • Version V023 November 04, 2021

    Magnetic Variation set to 0.4 East for 27L and 27R.
    Little Navmap is showing 0 degrees and slightly off radial
    Maybe a bug in simupdate 6, already noted in fs2020 forum

    Hopefully will work., awaiting comments

  • Version V022 November 03, 2021

    Emergency upload.
    Supersized cross bar sign on 565 corrected
    Pier 7 T3 Work in Progress
    Crossbar stand numbers are still too emissive. I will write down the settings for the single pole stand numbers and correct the brightness of the cross bar types next update.

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171 Kommentare

Taxiway signs, i go a different route. I dont Guess them. I dont use autogenerated ones, and i dont look at default or premium delux Heathrow. I do it the hard way.. slipping through youtube clips like Bigjets and observing the actual alpha numeric layouts



2 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mkvy

If your Gatwick Airport is anything to go by I'll be waiting patiently for the full version of Heathrow, looking good so far

Hello mkvy,

Thank you for your amazing job.😌

My msfs 2020 is up to date (7), your scenery is up to date (026), so I made a flight to EGLL and perform an ILS 09L with the A 320 neo FBW.

In CAT III ILS i landed on the right lights of the runway.

It is a huge job you share and I thank you again.

Have a nice day. 😉

silly question but how do I uninstall the deluxe Heathrow?


hi mkvy

have you ever thought about making a discord channel for your work and you can live stream your builds from there aswell means you dont need to use obs , and keep people update to date with your work. and keep the download links to flightsim.to

Sim update 7 will require a complete redo of all the parking centrelines. Will have to create a huge projected mesh for this. This has to be completed before any further progress



11 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mkvy

seeing your airport full with AIG AI is stunning cant wait for the next update

Really think what you're doing here is amazing. Love the EGKK and looking forward to the completed EGLL.

If I may make a cheeky request.... Would it be possible to prioritise placement of the taixway hold point signs - i.e the named hold points like DASSO, VIKAS, HORKA,LOKKI, LOMAN etc? It would make using the scenery on VATSIM and other online networks that much easier...

Thank you! Keep up the great work!


You can do it!



19 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mkvy

Hi mkvy, huge fan of your EGKK addon and I enjoy it thoroughly! I am very excited to see you work on EGLL and wishing you the best with your development on it! Thanks for all your contributions to the freeware community 😊

Hey there, thanks for all you are doing with both Gatwick and Heathrow (they're great), but just a quick issue I've found recently; the localisers for the ILS both seem to be misaligned. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing it but redownloads don't seem to fix it. I used to have no issues on default Heathrow (or Gatwick), but with your scenery there seems to be a problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

U R The Man



24 day(s) ago / Gedankt von mkvy

This is so far looking insane, Keep up the great work!!!

Hi there, I would like to report a bug at gate 565. Apparently gate 565 has a huge sign with the number "142". Could you fix that. Thank you

A full salute with military honors for your dedication and fine work , sir ! Wish there were some kind of virtual flightsim medal of honour. You are one of several deserving it 😀

Really love your optimistic(?) completion date.

Awesome work... This gonna be nice... one question, do you notice outlines of aircraft embedded in the parking positions on the tarmac... like ghosting...

hi i have moved over to use your heathrow all the time now as the one what comes with the game is dogwater.

is there any chance you could add a couple of runway turn off points in as the ai is staying on the runway for around 75% of it, i no the ai is rubbish but if its not planned yet no problem i can wait,


Well now. This changes everything.




1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von mkvy

So excited to see you developing Heathrow, especially after the fantastic job your did on Gatwick.

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