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Ein kurzer Überblick über das, was in unserer Gemeinde vor sich geht.

I found these info on Chinese flight simulation forum.so guys if you want to clean foreigners ass, clean yours first ok? I deleted but yes this is again the Chinese way of thinking. ask foreigners to create things that are not allowed to foreigners that made it for you.

Mike hi,

Thanks for your rating.

Eventough i downloaded this stuttgart addon and used the settings you mentioned, I couldn't replicate your issue, but contemplating it I arrived at the conclusion that because the Collector treats square brackets as parameters it may misbehave when they are not. Therefore as of release 4.3.45 (which is now available for download) I totally eliminated the use of such brackets as auto generated titles and also eliminated the option to rename titles or tags with such brackets, so even without replicating your issue, I believe it would be now solved. Please verify.

Thanks again for analyzing & reporting.

Hello. with the Thrust problem i have the same with other aiports on here, one way around that is to spawn at one of the aprons then taxi to runway and that will allow you to take off no worries, i think that problem is an asobo thing. The oth problem with the veering off the runway i'm not sure about i'll have to look at that.

Rodukao, baixei e testei. Está incrível. O impacto no fps já está pequeno. Parabéns, seu trabalho é muito bom. Aguardando o complemento. Abraço

Thanks for the Livery! Hi! Can anyone make the Rossiya Livery? Would appreciate it. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for IrAero! Hi! Can anyone make the Rossiya Livery? Would appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi! Can anyone make the Rossiya Livery? Would appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi! Can anyone make the Rossiya Livery? Would appreciate it. Thank you!

Its very nice with working afterburner and other f18s.

Sadly it's not working very well. While it seems to match correctly the taxiying and approaching planes the parked ones seems to be completelly random. It also creates the _CVT_ folder which means that many models are incompatible with MSFS and broken. Texture quality is also ranging from OK'ish to absolutelly blurry to the point you can't even read the name of the airline. Unforunately many planes are floating above the ground. I also encounted the random CTD's and not responding the point I have to terminate the app.

Nice plane for some reason when I clicked Approach mode it wasn't descending using the correct glide slope and instead it was climbing

Also nearly all RNP proc is not opened because they are all NAIP procs. There's also some temperate open charts such as ZGSD while Zhuhai Airshow. They are also allowed but usually outdated.

Here restricted means it's navigation proc is not public and restricted to foreign crew specially latitude and longitude info which contain in the navdata. You can reference to《民用航空情报工作规则》(CCAR-175TM-R1) released by China Civil Aviation Administration for it's confidential level and restrictions. (60. NAIP and Mil Airport Alternate List is not allowed to provided to any foreign companies and personnel. original document in Chinese) ZUNZ is a civil aviation airport in NAIP, so it's obviously restricted to foreigners.

Another thing is about which airport's data are not public and restricted for foreigner. Only ZYCC ZYHB ZYJM ZYMD ZYQQ ZYTL ZYTX ZYYJ ZBAA ZBAD ZBDS ZBHH ZBLA ZBMZ ZBSJ ZBTJ ZBYN ZSAM ZSCG ZSCN ZSFZ ZSHC ZSJN ZSNB ZSNJ ZSNT ZSOF ZSPD ZSQD ZSQZ ZSSH ZSSS ZSWX ZSWZ ZSXZ ZSYA ZSYN ZSYT ZSYW ZSZS ZLDH ZLIC ZLLLL ZLXN ZLXY ZPJH ZPLJ ZPMS ZPPP ZUCK ZULS ZUUU ZUGY ZUXC ZWSH ZWTN ZWWW ZGDY ZGGG ZGHA ZGKL ZGNN ZGOW ZGSZ ZHCC ZHHH ZJHK ZJSY which contains in eAIP, opened Aeronautical info, is public and fine with foreigners. All other civil airports, included in NAIP, as above not allowed to provided to any foreign companies and personnel.

I seriously LOVE this plane!! I have one question though...

Ever thought of doing an aerobatic plane? a Zivko or an MXS?


Thanks for taking the time to share this. I also had the problem with dark screens, but I followed the directions provided by u5h3r to copy the panel files from the FBW and it worked like a charm. The only remaining issue is the ZFW/ZFWCG in the FMC. The actual figures will not load and you get a 'out of range' error message. I am assuming this is because the FMC is still using a320 data, not for the larger a330. You can substitute an "in range" value, but this will effect the calculation for your overspeed warning. If you use a320 values, you'll get an overspeed at .79 mach. I believe this problem was mentioned in the comments previously with a reply stating the problem had been corrected. This is not the case for me, so if there is a fix I can apply please let me know.

That's how it is in real believe it or not

Very nice work! This is a perfect companion for the Nordic World Update too. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! 😊

I wanna tackle N285MK next. I didn't realize that's an actuall II.

Is it back in Bedford?

Prettier model and more pleasant to fly then the PMP's A330. Excited to see the following versions.

Yes Australia/NZ please please please

You should ask Civil Aviation Administration of China. We also want them public this aeronautical information. However, they don't. I think it's because these COOL airports are in military use.

Absolutely amazing!

I'm so happy someone finally made this mod! Works perfectly well and it improves the overall CS777 experience by A LOT. Can't wait to see what's coming next, if there's anything coming next of course. Hope you can fix the lower EICAS as well, it would be perfect! Thank you so much!


Well, please calm down, there are some misunderstandings. What this bro want to convey is that the aeronautical information of ZUNZ is restrict to foreigner (actually just those Chinese civ who work in Civil Aviation Administration of China and Chinese Airlines can reach it) but not the airport itself is not open to the foreigner. CAAC and China Military regard the aeronautical information of ZUNZ and some other airports as national secret because of their military use since 2007. CAAC do enact a law that prohibit foreigners and commom citizens to reach these aeronautical information (but actually the navdata is produced by Americans).

By the way, what's the source of these aeronautical informations? I want them too.lol

(forgive my poor vocabulary and grammar……)

Hi Shanman,

Having problems using Bundy scenery in particular all my aircraft be it payware or 3Rd party.

Problems: 1 aircraft want to go to the right off runway.

2 aircraft thrust wont work.

I have tried these aircraft on other airports and work fine, something within the Bundy scenery is clashing.

Please advise for a fix mate, keep up your Great work.


Great work, can you create a livery for Canadian Xpress?

Great livery and an interesting airline 😉

Although I'm pretty sure this airline has now ceased operations? Their wikipedia entry is a stub and the Pacificair links are now unregistered domains. Also, on Planelogger it looks like RP-C1320 is now owned by Northsky Air (another tiny Philippine Charter company, who only have a Facebook page). 😊

Yes, those generic buldings are great from a distance or if you dont know the area. When you get into familiar territory you need it to look right. I'm just looking into how to best create a bulding for the next update.

Hello, I'm about to give this a try but before that, I wanted to ask you if it works for model matching in VATSIM? Do I need to add any files in the V-Pilot client in order to work in VATSIM?

EDIT: I just installed your mod but I'm getting a Lufthansa A320 in Portland, WA?

Also, Do I need to increase the ground aircraft density level up to 50-100 to see the models? I had it at 0 and I didn't see any until I raised it up to 60ish.

EDIT again : Now I'm getting an Alitalia A320 approaching Seattle, WA? Still gave you 5 stars.

Is it normal that after I’ve installed everything and followed everything I have no plane? thanks

Thanks for the mod. Absolute must have and indistinguishable sounds from the real thing! (I hear them all the time flying)

*Update* - I deleted everything and did a complete refresh on all downloads. Sadly, traffic in North America and Europe is working, but all Air New Zealand is showing up as Saudia, and all Virgin Australia and Qantas is showing up as JAL.


Thanks so much for your generous response. I'll re-install just to make certain. I'm curious if others have had luck in Australia/NZ seeing local liveries?