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Ein kurzer Überblick über das, was in unserer Gemeinde vor sich geht.

Exterior lights. They’re very muted in the default. Hoping you can give the same treatment as you did with the longitude

Are you planning on adding the flight model changes suggested by the developer? My testing confirms that this fix greatly improves the takeoff behavior.



For those looking for a fix for DC-3 takeoff characteristics, and you have the ability to edit the flight model config file, try this ground effect table,

lift_coef_ground_effect_mach_table = 0.055642:1.141188, 0.102462:1.094058, 0.196717:1.057306, 0.298358:1.041890, 0.400821:1.030873, 0.501642:1.024918, 0.601642:1.019753, 0.701642:1.015583, 0.8:1.010383, 0.9:1.005553, 1:1

The problem was that there were many points missing in the curve and if the sim interpolates between extremes, then lift will be too high in the middle of the range. I just did a quick test flight and it made a big difference. I was even able to take some of the nose down trim out. Or, you can remove passengers from the last couple of rows of seats to move the CG forward. I don't think most flights operated at 100% capacity anyway.

Love this scenery, having been there myself. There's a slight bug where the scenery warps itself up on the river bend just North of runway. Probably introduced in the new update, I see a lot of places with this problem.

Aussies should always do Aussie repaints.

Terrific thanks. You don't mention what Template you have set, and like Speed and Smooth, the import didn't update this either. Is it 'Smooth' template?

I just downloaded and all OK. You need to extract the RAR file say into downloads, then add it to the profile folder under users/user/app data/roaming/Natural point/TrackIR 5/Profiles. Then open TrackIR and the profile is called 'flight' But then you need to set speed to 1 and Smooth to 15 (or whatever you wish)

Gracias! fijate que quizá no es la ruta donde tenes los addons, aviones del simulador, quizá es la ruta donde tenes los archivos internos del simulador

Hi guys. File has been updated.

If the fix doesnt work, you have to delete the scenery cache for this airport. Delete the file here:


C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SceneryIndexes\nardz-airport-rpsu-woodland.dat

MS Store:


Thanks alot for creating this. I am on my 4th leg....

I use breezip, works completely fine when un-zipping

If you are aware, Headwind A330Neo model has some imbalance fuel issue. I observed when I had a short haul flight like 2.5 hours, during the approach, I checked the fuel consumption and saw the lefthand side fuel tank reduced significantly faster than the righthand side fuel tank though the Engines consuming almost the same amount of fuel. Also, I had activated fuel tank cross feed all the time and had turned off lefthand side fuel pump during the flight so that the engines get the fuel from righthand tank. It didn't help, the lefthand side tank keep reducing. So, during the landing, right side aileron deflected a little bit down and a little bit up on the left aileron due to imbalance CG. Anyone knows how to fix this?

nice! remember doing this livery for the milviz 407 long time ago...

Hi again. Can you do one for the Beaver too? Thanks.

Outstanding !!! Outstanding !!! Outstanding !!! What a superb scenery. This is the best Seaplane scenery I have seen. I was grinning ear to ear during my first approach into Port Harvey. I am a full scale pilot and this approach into this scenery made me feel like I was doing the real thing. The attention to detail is incredible. The lighthouse, fire tower, cliffs, docks. I should list every item in the scenery because they are all fabulous. Maty743, please do some more sceneries. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

The Second AN-225 is being rebuilt, however, 30% of the parts and components from the First AN-225 will be built on the Second AN-225.

Thank you. I probably won't spend time on ENTO has it has a good payware option.

Awesome livery! Love to see a TWA - Lindbergh Line livery!

Hola, antes que nada , gracvias por tomarte el tiempo y compartirlo, te hago una pregunta, copie todo en la carpeta que dice en el foro , pero no veo cambios, que hice mal ? Muchas GRacias

Heya. Thanks for your review! re: StreamDeck+, this really depends on AAO and if they ever decide to support this hardware, as it would require a revision to the AAO SD plugin. So, it's over to them really.

no 3d people on beach (installed AWD and this mod)

why u deleted those?

Awesome, thanks! Wish they had that for everyone default aircraft!

No real need for an installer; just upload the file folder like eveyone else....I swear it took longer to install the files with the installer than it would've taken just downloading the file folder directly.

What folder are you placing inside of your community folder?

Hi, I just learnt how to jaja, done.

Excellent addon! Je ne me lasse pas de changer de saisons, le rendu est vraiment au top! Dommage que la mise en œuvre soit pénible car charger un preset avant de démarrer MSFS c'est quand même long et pénible. Mais je comprends que c'est un problème lié au fonctionnement de MSFS et que les développeurs font ce qu'ils peuvent. Je ne regrette pas mon achat!

Petite vidéo faite pendant mon premier jour de test pour montrer en exemple l'automne et l'hiver dans la campagne française: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e9XgV4e0DU

I just downloaded a RAR file, and it opened fine in 7-Zip, 26 November 2022

Could you please upload this as a ZIP file, for some reason this downloads as a RAR file which makes it impossible to use

Hi and thanks a lot for the profile, but in the trackir program only shows default and smooth, your xml file not appears.So I have do anything wrong? Is in the profiles folder.

Will these work with Fenix A320 or is this just for PMDG 737?

Yes, definitely something on the list, if the "new supercharged" doesn't get a toggle.

Can these get connected to military zones and intercept the player too? tnx

Sorry - I'd missed that this one already existed. rather renders moot several of my comments.

Hi Yuzi, Thank you for this very interesting contribution....could you kindly comment on the term 'independent intellectual property rights'....as I understand it: such planes will always carry components which have been developed by using certain international patents...similar to the development of the MC-21 from Russia...thanks again for your talent and dedication...best regards Thomas

Excellent reconstruction! Flying in real-life with gliders I can tell you that it is done very well! Great project.

NP. I understand - I suppose that I'm excited at the idea of using some common objects to create more period scenery. It strikes me that the Chain Home tower and a couple of brick buildings of the era could form the basis for a quite useful library for other developers. Just thinking out loud...

Is there any chance of restructuring this as a single profile with multiple pages?

Gracias, thank you for making this available. It was a lovely place to stop for my first landing in South America.