I run MSFS2020 Map Enhancement, it shakes map tiles. I run the sim, disable the rolling cache - and there is nothing in the sim.

Oh, and just to state the very obvious: changing the Settings (in the File menu) does not enable the "minimal UI" mode right away: those settings are merely meant to define the default visibility of the various elements once you actually switch into minimal UI mode.

I was hoping that the corresponding checkbox tooltips (in the Settings) would help explaining this, but I might have to make this clearer.

(Note that the minimal UI mode per se is not new, it exists since a couple of releases already).

-> You actually have to explicitly toggle the minimal UI mode, either by:

  • Pressing the M key
  • Via the Window / Minimal menu entry

If that doesn't work for you then that sounds like a bug (but it still works for me as described, I just tested it). In this case you may also want to raise an issue here:


and perhaps post screenshots of your settings and the minimal mode where you still see elements that you don't expect. And most importantly, whether that is on Windows 10 or 11 (I can't install Windows 11 due to missing TPM module requirements on my iMac, despite the iMac being a computer from 2020, at least not without a "registry hack" in Windows or so - oh well... but that's a different story 😉)

If you got some videos of the beacon etc you can send me. Or anyhting else useful considering the airport 😊

This sounds all confusing and I stumbled over this during development as well (as a "usability glitch") and I'll see how I can improve this, by e.g. also immediatelly hiding the replay speed group immediately when:

  • Changing the (default) replay speed group in the Settings AND
  • When already in the minimal UI mode
  • (By also disabling the View / Replay Speed Group setting at the same time)

Or so... I have to think about the best behaviour here once more.

In any case, what should work is to:

  • Check (or uncheck) all (new) options in the Settings / User Interface / Minimal UI
  • Toggle between normal and minimal UI (by repeatedly pressing the M key, or via Window / Minimal)

You should see the replay speed group, button texts and "non-essential buttons" become visible / invisible.


I am aware that there is one confusing thing about the settings, and that is the way the replay speed group is handled vs how the labels and "non-essential buttons" are handled:

  • The replay speed group setting determines the default visibility when switching into the minimal UI mode (from normal mode), BUT: you can still toggle visibility of the replay speed group via the View menu (that is a separate setting which controls the visibility of the replay speed group, and which can be toggled now at any time)
  • So yes, that is a new feature, too: you can actually toggle the replay speed group while in minimal UI mode, via the separate option View / Replay Speed (previously the visibility of the replay speed group was "locked" while in minimal UI mode)
  • The button labels and the "non-essential buttons" on the other hand don't have separate visibility settings in the View menu (other than the ones under Settings / User Interface): so when changing their options under Settings / User Interface / Minimal UI (and confirming the Settings via OK) they have an immediate effect while in minimal UI

Can't live without this mod .. but can't live without my MP Nameplate mod either. Unfortunately this version broke my nameplate addon. Reverted to previous UI version and all is good again. Can still access Maverick from Activities tab, its just not on the main page. No biggie but would have been nice. 😊

You need to download my San Diego Navy scenery.

Great repaint! Quality is amazing, even the cabin is modelled with their signature green wall, skytrax rating, and the advertisements on the overhead bin


Great tool, but I have one issue in the latest build. I am on the latest version (0.11.1), which supposed to have the minimal UI option. But changing the setting does not seem to change anything in the UI. Anyone else having such issue? Any help appreciated.

Working well. Follow instructions, easy peasy.

Thank you. I have plans to make 2 other ones from this cargo hauler including the DHL version. Thanks for the rating!

Awesome! The range circle has reappeared!

Thank you so much for fixing that, and goodni...well, it's morning now for me XD

Soo.. LatinVFR made static sceneries for over 400+ airports. As of now i dont believe there is because everything is under the same project. Back when it was individual scenes you could just delete it but with there being so many now its easier for them to put it all under one. So in other words no you cant anymore, believe me i wish this wasnt the case. There are a lot of airports that could use a retouch however there isnt anything i can do other than add to them. Some major airports really need some love.

Спасибо огромное дого ждал. Отличная работа.

In my case it was some sceneries from a guy called Bernardofly causing that big square in MYNN. I disabled them and it's gone.

It's the sceneries from a guy called Bernardofly causing that. I disabled them and it's gone.

this is just a joke tried different setting tried on other Hight end pc still not working i contact customer service they said to sent video or something i did and they never answer back just installed the update today on high end pc i running the sim on ultra and everything going well but when i start fsrealistic is just not working the plane acting weird plane not fly at all controls geting crazy like lagging or somthing crazy

Could you please take a look at KGVL - Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport - in Gainesville, Ga. Lots of taxiway lights displaced and markings are not correct. I really appreciate what you are doing for the community

Hey, you able to do a solid blue color like the ones in the jetBlue cabin? The blue color we have has a purple hint and the jetBlue cabins do not carry any purple in their blue. Thanks alot 😊

Why anyone would want to do this is beyond my range of thought process ability. Does anyone really buy the simulator to enjoy the UI? Get in the plane and fly.

Maybe include a warning that the contents of the installed folder is deleted completely on updates. I had my cache in there and it deleted it... 100k mapbox tiles wasted


Thxs for this nice livery 😊

download version 1.1 without static aircraft. thank you

Hello! Just had a general question, I have the static air mod from LATINVFR, but I personally am just not a fan of having scattered aircraft that are not at gates at other airports. (I DONT MEAN THIS ABOUT YOUR FILE!!!) For example an AAL 320 just sitting next to the taxiway. I guess what I am asking Is if there an easy way to remove these planes and just keep the aircraft that are at gates on my own for airports that I go to frequently like KPHL

download version 1.1 without static aircraft. thank you

download version 1.1 without static aircraft. thank you

Now we just need someone to animate the door!!! 😉

Thank you for the feedback!

KSLC is a little difficult to do because of the major construction going on there right now (or at least what is shown in Google/Bing maps), but I'll take another look at it in the near future and see what's possible.

I have downloaded both the new and old file again and both give me the same problem. Also, this is the only scenery area that's giving me this problem. It's strange because I seem to recall the old version of the scenery working a couple of months ago.

is there a one with normal winglets?

The throttle does not work with my joystick i have to use a controller to make it work but amazing aircraft otherwise

Something I noticed is missing, is the last two letters of the registration above the cockpit windows, in this case J M

You may need to consider re-opening runway 12 as it is one of the most utilized runways for landings, especially when winds are out of the southeast. It is also used for takeoffs regularly. Closing 12 can be an immersion killer for KMIA. Looks like the stuff you found online is "no bueno". 8L / 26R are not normally used used for takeoffs, so you can probably leave them as they are. I have only seen some GA aircraft every once in a blue moon use 8L for takeoffs.....but that is a very seldom occurrence. I fly to KMIA very frequently and know the operations fairly well.

Couple things I would check.

1) Go to the list of binds in Axis and Ohs and see if you have two different binds in the list with the script "PMDG_737-COURSE_SYNC" as the action.

2) If you do, then while in the sim set the left knob on the Bravo to CRS and then try turning the right knob. Does the green light beside one of the two COURSE SYNC binds light up when you twist the right knob?

Thanks for your hard work! These airports look awesome! If you have the time, I'd like to request KSLC please. Thanks!

They'd be a cool unit to see, but hardly the busiest unit.