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Note from the author: Please upvote https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/workaround-for-missing-propeller-drag-please/368300

Please check out ring and phylon race mods from thokio and Jacob at

This is no livery, this is a flight model mod. The idea is to make the flight behavior more realistic. The most important detail is a realistic maximum lift-drag ratio (L/D)max. This one change makes many other changes necessary. The second detail is I use gear and flaps drag to have a work around for missing propeller drag and ground effect. Now you can flare your airplane before touch-down.
See http://www.andreadrian.de/FS_2020_sailplanes/ for more of my work for MSFS 2020:
Gliders: SG-38, Aircreations 582SL
Sailplanes: DG-808S, Ka 6E, ASK23
Trainer: Tiger Moth
Seaplane: Grumman Goose G21A
Warbirds: Fokker Dr1, North American P-51D
By the way: Since Flight Unlimited from 1995 I like aerobatics airplanes and sailplanes best.

Flight model modification version, date 2021-03-09:

I included "Uwa's lighting mods" from https://uwajimaya.github.io/FS2020/
Uwajimaya, I credit your work!
Pack version 1.13 (Feb 16, 2021)

This flight level mod sets (L/D)max to 80% of the real life value. This is part of the "missing propeller drag" workaround. For (L/D)max see https://code7700.com/aero_l_over_d_max.htm

Using the parameters drag_coef_zero_lift, htail_incidence, thrust_scalar and fuel_flow_scalar the maximum airspeed, (L/D)max and fuel consumption can be set to one operating point OP. I set the OP to full weight, no flaps, retracted landing gear, full thrust, level flight, no elevator input and altitude 300 ft.

I use the MSFS 2020 documentation from https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Samples_And_Tutorials/Defining_A_Flight_Model.htm Citations are in "". Asobo has expanded the documentation, but sadly the documentation is still far away from complete. Asobo please go on!

To all critics of my work: First, I am an armchair pilot. If you only accept flight model mods from real life 4 stars pilots, don't use it. Second, if you think my mod is atrocious, don't use it. To everybody else: The mod is the best I can do with my knowledge of MSFS 2020. Stay happy and healthy!

induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1.2
flap_induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1.2
For "missing propeller drag" workaround increase induced drag.

drag_coef_zero_lift = 0.04 ; 0.03750
For "missing propeller drag" workaround increase parasitic drag.

lift_coef_flaps = 0.317 ; 0.63300
For realistic flaps reduce flaps lift.

drag_coef_flaps = 0.12250
For "missing propeller drag" workaround don't change flaps drag.

flaps-position.0 = 0, -1, 0 ; 0, 90, 0
flaps-position.1 = 15, 88, 1 ; 15, 88, 0.25
flaps-position.2 = 40, 86, 1
For "missing propeller drag" workaround make extended flaps drag only dependent from flaps angle.

ui_autonomy = 5 ; max duration the aircraft can fly between take-off and landing in (Hrs)
fuel_flow_scalar = 0.63 ; 1 ; Fuel flow scalar
Adjust fuel_flow_scalar to ui_autonomy.

cruise_speed = 162 ; 135 ; Knots True (KTAS)
thrust_scalar = 2 ; 1.1 ; Propeller thrust scalar
Adjust thrust_scalar to cruise_speed.

toe_brakes_scale = 0.36 ; 0.44 ; Brake scalar
Adjust "brake power" to thrust_scalar.

wing_incidence = 1.5 ; Wing incidence (DEGREES)
htail_incidence = 1 ; 2 ; Horizontal tail incidence (DEGREES)
No elevator trim needed for OP.

elevator_trim_neutral = 0 ; 2 ; Elevator trim default angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)
For my comfort.

pitch_stability = 0.04 ; 0.1
roll_stability = 0.01 ; 0.1
yaw_stability = 0.04 ; 0.1
For realism reduce "fake inertia", specially for roll.

aileron_effectiveness = 1 ; 2
For realism reduce "fake inertia".

empty_weight_pitch_MOI = 913 ; Empty pitch moment of inertia, Jxx (SLUG SQ FEET)
empty_weight_roll_MOI = 75 ; 756 ; Empty roll moment of inertia, Jzz (SLUG SQ FEET)
empty_weight_yaw_MOI = 1570 ; Empty yaw moment of inertia, Jyy (SLUG SQ FEET)
For better roll rate decrease roll inertia.

aileron_area = 116.8 ; 18.4 ; (SQUARE FEET)
For better roll rate increase aileron_area.

aileron_up_limit = 45 ; 25 ; Aileron max deflection up angle (DEGREES)
aileron_down_limit = 27 ; 15 ; Aileron max deflection down angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)
For better roll rate increase increase aileron angle.

aileron_span_outboard = 0.99 ; 0.55
For better roll rate increase length of aileron as percentage of wing length.

Summary: "If Asobo only knew what Asobo knows". Some Asobo engineers write documentation and tell everybody what to do and why. Other Asobo engineers write cfg files. As you can see above, these two groups don't talk to each other. Specially not about induced_drag_scalar and stability parameters.
Nowhere Asobo writes about the importance of (L/D)max (glide ratio) and how to set a proper (L/D)max. For me is a bad (L/D)max value the single most important reason for poor quality of (Asobo) flight models. Let's see what Asobo will do in the next software release!

Note from the author: Please upvote https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/workaround-for-missing-propeller-drag-please/368300

Ziemlich leer hier drüben.

Ziemlich leer hier drüben.

  • Version March 11, 2021

    Compatible to MSFS version Include Uwa's lighting mods when available.

  • Version February 09, 2021

    "Speed rush" version: better acceleration/deceleration (visual display).

  • Version January 24, 2021

    More realistic glide polar curve

  • Version date 2021-01-07 January 07, 2021

    Tweaked for invert spin

Ziemlich leer hier drüben.

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