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#Real-Life #Airliner #8K Resolution #A32NX Exclusive Drag and Drop

A New Livery for A320neo Luxair LX-LAB in 8k - NOW FOR FLYBYWIRE


- FlyByWire half-real-life Version
- CUP with  Luxair Airlines Logo
- Aircraft identifier fictitious

For version 1.0.2 you can suggest an aircraft name for me

I wish you a lot of fun with it and let the wings dance :-))

 Simple installation:

1 - Extract the ZIP
2 - open the new folder - In the folder there is another folder with the same name
3 - copy the file  "FBW_A320neo_LXLAB" and paste it in you community folder.
4 - Take a deep breath and rejoice now
5 - Now you are ready to fly. Have fun

I am happy for a good rating (1 to 5 stars)
Selcuk Dikilitas

Ziemlich leer hier drüben.

Ziemlich leer hier drüben.

  • Veröffentlicht April 20, 2021

    Die erste Version dieser Datei wurde gerade veröffentlicht. Willkommen an Bord!

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Files in this category require the Third Party Aircraft A32NX by FlyByWire Simulations.
These liveries are compatible with the latest development branch.

9 Kommentare
  • JEE
    1 day(s) ago
    I've maybe done something wrong, i've extracted the file on my community folder, but i can't find the livery in flight simulator... i've got a lot of liveries but luxair is just not there 😞
    any help?
    • 03seli
      1 day(s) ago
      Did you copy the unzipped file into the community folder or the folder in the zip folder? You have to copy the folder of the same name in the folder.
  • JackYuopa
    19 day(s) ago
    Hello, I will make a recommendation if you permit. As you know, Borajet Airlines, which we have flown fondly before, has gone bankrupt, would you consider transferring this to simulation if you want?

    (I've seen a lot of requests written by others under your posts, you are doing this voluntarily, If you are bored with these requests I apologize so much, have a nice day)
    • 03seli
      19 day(s) ago
      Hello and thank you for your inquiry
      No, no problem. I put your request on my list.

      Sunny greetings
  • Rithvik
    19 day(s) ago
    • 03seli
      19 day(s) ago
      Thank you

      Sunny day
    • Rithvik
      19 day(s) ago
      Also good job for becoming commander!
    • 03seli
      19 day(s) ago
      I have no such desires. I enjoy making others happy.

      Sunny greetings
    • Rithvik
      19 day(s) ago
      Yes. I agree as well

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