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Version 1.6.0
Erstveröffentlichung April 19, 2021
Zuletzt aktualisiert November 03, 2021
Dateigröße 225.65 MB
Downloads 49,551
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General Aviation
#Experimental Exclusive Drag and Drop


47,930 | XIII General

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  • Version 1.6.0 November 03, 2021

    - Takes full advantage of new SU6 flight model capabilities
    - New SU6 propeller physics for a much more realistic performance profile
    - Overhauled and re-tuned flight model for the highest level of realism so far
    - Natural and instinctive control on the ground and in the air
    - Less torque at idle to aid in taxi

  • Version September 03, 2021

    Same as v1.0.6 but fixed a small issue ... defaults MFD to G3X instead of 750. Will cause black Garmins otherwise if the 750 is not installed.

  • Version 1.0.6 September 03, 2021

    Flight Model:
    - "Real Aircraft Feel"
    - No more tail wag at extreme speeds, yeah!
    - Improved lateral stability (again easier to battle crosswinds ... also more natural and correct ... it just feels right).
    - Increased MTOW to 2300lb, allowing for full tanks, 2 pax and some baggage
    - Much improved elevator control
    - Further refined ground steering / takeoff-roll characteristics
    - AP vertical speed increased to 2000fpm

    - Adjusted turbine startup timing for all phases to match a real PT6A
    - Throttle less sensitive in the lower RPM range, easier to control those take-offs and landings
    - Various other tweaks to the turbine using Pratt & Whitney data
    - Further improved fuel consumption accuracy

    - Increased max beta from 60 to 65 degrees, improving performance at altitude

    - Adjust cabin light brightness using the knob of the unused prop-control
    - Tweaked cabin dash spot lights to not cover any part of the MFD or PFD

    - Added graduation markers at the 25% points for the torque gauge
    - Added ITT gauge
    - Added RA (radar altitude)
    - Added remaining range in nm and fuel burn in gph numbers
    - Voice Alert for stalls below 200kts
    - Added annunciations for if you forget to retract gear or flaps above certain speeds. Graceful upgrade from Caution to Warning alerts, depending on how fast you go (and damage your gear / flaps).
    - Added annunciations for ITT (1 minute over 800 degrees and instant when over 1000 degrees)

  • Version 1.0.5 August 07, 2021

    - Compatible with SU5!
    - Redesigned flight model: more realistic, authentic and fun than ever
    - Redesigned Pratt & Whitney PT6a-42 Turbine Engine using factory data
    - Redesigned propeller
    - Accurate fuel consumption from idle to max torque
    - Smooth throttle from idle to max torque
    - Superb ground handling
    - Accurate suspension (shocks for nose wheel and spring gear for mains)
    - Accurate weight (increased), CG and moments for this aircraft
    - Realistic stall behavior for this aircraft (gentle nose dip)
    - Excellent low-speed control and behavior; master those crosswinds!
    - Increased cockpit lighting levels
    - Tuned landing and taxi lights
    - Support for the GTN750 on the MFD (read the "Vertigo and GNS750.txt" file included in the download)
    - A lot more!

    My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to all the people who participated in the beta program for this version and of course, to everyone flying this versatile speed machine.

  • Version 1.0.4 June 07, 2021

    The recent Software Update 4 (SU4) brought with it a vastly improved flight model. Stuff that was missing has been added, and things that were not balanced well now seem to be pretty accurate.

    This update takes full advantage of all this goodness!

    - Super stable ground handling, take-off roll easy as pie (30% throttle is enough, trim well before starting your roll)
    - Execute the famous Knife Edge aerobatic move, and hold it for the entire runway length!
    - Most accurate flight model yet for Vertigo
    - Fixed trim balance issue
    - Slightly reduced flap drag
    - Excellent balance of aerodynamic forces

  • Version 1.0.3 May 11, 2021

    - "Generation 2" Flight Model (smooth ground control, zero tail-wagging, epic roll-rates and more)
    - Fixed the US Coast Guard (USCG) livery conflict with Grravel
    - Fixed "Level of Detail" drawing distances for the external model
    - Improved throttle lever usability range giving you finer throttle control

    Note on the "Generation 2" Flight Model. I have been working hard on another aircraft, the aerobatic Gee Bee R3. Developing this has certainly pushed the limits of what the MSFS Flight Model can do and has taught me more than Carbon, Grravel and Vertigo combined. Hence I have redeveloped Vertigo's Flight Model entirely from scratch putting in all the lessons learned so far. Enjoy the new flight experience!

Häufig Gefragt

Fragen? Finden Sie hier Ihre Lösung.

Does Vertigo exist in real life?

Yes and no. But mostly yes. It's a heavily modded JMB VL-3 with a retrofitted 850HP turbine. A six-bladed constant speed prop has been installed. That has not been done in real life yet with the VL-3. However it has been done in the Lancair (a very similar aircraft) by Mike Patey. He created "Turbulence" - the fastest single-engine turbo prop in the world - after which Vertigo is modelled. Vertigo has been given the same engine, top speed and climb rate.

I want to know my v-speeds.

Check out the performance placard on the dashboard (above the MFD).

What's Vertigo's range?

At 50% torque at FL200 you'll fly at 270kts IAS or 357kts TAS and have a 1,000nm range.

How do I start the engine?

Use the build-in checklist in MSFS, it will guide you through all steps. You can of course also do an autostart (CTRL-E by default) or start hot on the runway.

Take-off is so powerful!

Vertigo is ridiculously overpowered. Use 25% torque for take off. Also remember to set elevator trim to neutral. Consider not using flaps.

I can't find the Community Folder.

Carefully read the Installation Instructions.

I have an issue with my Garmin.

The G3X Garmin comes with Vertigo as-is. Kindly contact the owner of the Garmin you have (the default MSFS or Working Title version most likely) for any support issues or feature requests.

As I cannot afford to be a Garmin 24/7 helpdesk I will politely ignore any queries related to Garmin.

Synthetic Vision on my G3X Garmin is not working.

If you have the Working Title mod you need to enable it in the G3X. Click on the Compass, this will open a menu. Then click on "More Options..." and enable SV.

As I cannot afford to be a Garmin 24/7 helpdesk I will politely ignore any queries related to Garmin.

Is there an autopilot?

Yes, if you have the WT G3X mod installed you can operate it. Check with the Working Title team for support.

Download the latest Working Title G3X mod from their GitHub repository:

Is there windshield deicing?

Yes, pull the lever above the fuel selector.

Master Switch does not affect some basic cockpit systems

Same thing happens in the default VL3. To be resolved.

Is there Pitot Heat?

Yes, if you have the WT G3X mod installed Pitot Heat is automated.

Download the latest Working Title G3X mod from their GitHub repository:

Is the Garmin GTN750 supported?

Yes this is an optional installation. Carefully follow the instructions in the "Vertigo and GNS750.txt" file that comes with Vertigo.

As I cannot afford to be a Garmin 24/7 helpdesk I will politely ignore any queries related to Garmin.

Why can't I raise the landing gear after take-off?

You were going too fast (> 140kts) and damaged the landing gear. Take-off with 25% torque, then raise flaps and gear before accelerating to ridiculous speeds. Or simply point up and go full throttle.


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409 Kommentare


6 day(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Hands down... the best prop in terms of visibility and speed



12 day(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Good for people like me with no patience. This is my go-to plane when flying VFR in large open mountain areas. You can really get around quickly. This aircraft is of superior quality in all ways.

I had ver 0.1.49. I deleted it and just downloaded ver 0.1.6. Addons Linker reports that this new download is still ver 0.1.49 even though the zip file is clearly is labeled as 0.1.6. The good news is that the addon seems to be working fine. I don't remember the Coast Guard livery so perhaps it is indeed ver 0.1.6. Is there some way to verify I have the latest version and perhaps Addons Linker is wrong? Also, I have lost all of my Vertigo weather presets that I had with ver 0.1.49. Did you do away with the presets that came with the old version of Vertigo?

cannot set autopilot - data zone is not clicked.



19 day(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Great plane. Brutal speed



23 day(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

great work there. I really enjoy flying this tiny beast and it's my go-to whenever i need something versatile. keep up the good work mate.



23 day(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Bombastic! Thanks!



23 day(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Thank you for this plane. It is so much fun to fly.

Vertigo's been update to v1.6.0!

- Takes full advantage of new SU6 flight model capabilities

- New SU6 propeller physics for a much more realistic performance profile

- Overhauled and re-tuned flight model for the highest level of realism so far

- Natural and instinctive control on the ground and in the air

- Less torque at idle to aid in taxi

Open Beta for Vertigo v1.6.0 has started. Head to my Discord server to get it 😉

All the SU6 goodness is coming in, and of course the trim has been retuned.



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

I use OnAir Company to explore the world of MSFS2020, and was looking for a fast single engine airplane.

This brought me to the Vertigo plane. I have bought so many planes but none of them give me the pleasure I now have with the Vertigo!

The speed, handling, the wide cockpit view, it's all perfect.

This plane has become my main aircraft for exploration, small mission flights and fun flights.

Congratulations and much respect to the developer(s)!

I have a small question about the taxi speed:

If the engine is started and you drive to the runway, it goes too fast.

I keep having to brake to slow down. Is there a possibility to lower the propeller rpm? Or is there another solution that I missed?



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

I'm not sure where the issue is coming from, whether the mod or something else from the update (SU6) itself but my trim is acting weird, like it's not changing at all until it does very strongly, not sure I make sense. Makes trimming a bit of a pain. Tried the base VL3 and it's acting normal when I trim up and down.



1 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Few hours playing last night with SU6 and so far not noticed any problems. I did however download the latest WT G3X mod for SU6 before playing.

I am actually disappointed in the sounds of this aircraft, using the TBM-930 sounds. I was hoping for more of a unique sound. 😞

Fantastic plane, I also bought the Gee Bee.



2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Absolutely fantastic airplane. I love Mike Patey's "Turbulence" and to have this in MSFS is a real dream. You are very skilled at making addons, this plane is excellent. I'm using it to follow Zara Rutherfords RTW route!

I love the color schemes you have provided, would it be possible to also use the stock VL3 repaints (see below) since the airframe is the same? I cant figure out how to to do it!




2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

what an absolute blast to fly. This is the perfect plane for the "$100 hamburger." Can't wait to try your paid project this weekend.



2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Fast and responsive. Good plane.



2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel




2 month(s) ago / Gedankt von GotGravel

Hi guys, just downloaded the Vertigo, and great little aircraft, only problem is The gear wont retract. The switch works but nothing happens, tried the "G" key, the same, it works the switch. Could you help please.


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