8K SAS Special Liveries Two-Pack (A32NX)

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#Real-Life #8K Resolution Exclusive Drag and Drop

Why have one livery when you can have two! In this pack, you will find the "Celebrating 70 Years" livery and the "Star Alliance livery! With 8K textures, some handcrafted decals, custom aircraft names, and compatible with the user's own registration, you will certainly not be let down.

Even with the A32NX FBW fix, you can still enjoy it in the default A320 Neo!



Simply drag SAS (Star Alliance Livery) A32NX FBW and SAS (70 Years Livery) A32NX FBW from the .zip file into your community folder!

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Ziemlich leer hier drüben.

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Files in this category require the Third Party Aircraft A32NX by FlyByWire Simulations.
These liveries are compatible with the latest development branch.
7 Kommentare
  • QuickDrifter
    6 day(s) ago
    I got CTD when I'm using this. Any suggestion?
    • ToasterPilot
      5 day(s) ago
      Copy that, is probably user-specific, message me via DM to further elaborate on the issue so we can fix it right back up! 😊
  • ToasterPilot
    9 day(s) ago
    As for my livery conversions, there have been reports of the registration always being "ASX320". This is currently under investigation and I am deeply sorry.

    Best Regards, ToasterPilot
  • scandinavian941
    11 day(s) ago
    On the updated version compatible with FBW standalone model, it's not possible to change the registration. Could you please do these 2 models, with "realistic" registration rather than ASX320, please ?
    • ToasterPilot
      10 day(s) ago
      Oh dear! Thank you for alerting me of that, update coming out today!
    • scandinavian941
      10 day(s) ago
      Wonderful ! thank you so much for your help 😉
    • ToasterPilot
      9 day(s) ago
      Getting back to ya here! When looking into the code I can't find anything that may contribute to the ASX320 reg. I will keep looking for the solution but hang in there buddy! 😊

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